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Today's featured article

Sonny Sandoval (born May 16, 1974) is the lead vocalist of P.O.D. His music career began in 1991 as a Christian rapper before joining P.O.D. He is known for naming his daughter Nevaeh ("heaven" spelled backwards), thus starting the phenomenon with Navaeh now a more popular name for female babies than Sara and Venessa.

Did you know...

...that Wuv Bernardo's real first name is Noah, but his grandmother's pronunciation of "love" inspired his pseudonym?

...that P.O.D. guitarist Jason Truby is a former member of Living Sacrifice?
...that the original cover of Snuff the Punk featured a man holding a gun?
...that ex-guitarist Marcos Curiel has formed a new band (The Accident Experiment) with Pete Stewart of Grammatrain and KJ-52's rock side-project Peace of Mind?
...that Sonny Sandoval graduated from high school with current WWE superstar Rey Mysterio?
...that before choosing Matisyahu to appear on Testify, the band asked Gwen Stefani and Damian Marley to collaborate?

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