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P5 DirectInput Emulator. (by Carl Kenner). Version 0.03, you also need to download PPjoy link

  • This program has been superceeded by the PIE program mentioned below
  • The Directinput Emulator program is a program that converts the 6 P5 axis, 5 finger axis, 5 finger buttons, and the 4 top P5 buttons into choosable Joystick equivalents. So that you can use the P5 glove in any game where you would normally use a joystick. This greatly opens up the opportunitys for games that can be played with the P5.
  • Uses Absolute Mode
  • This program was originally uploaded to the P5 Yahoo Group File Section, if you wish to make sure you have the latest version.
  • You may need to fiddle with some PPjoy settings relative to the game you wish to run (by going into Control Panel --> Parallel Port Joysticks --> Mapping). Here is my recommended Default settings if you get lost, they allow for the use of all 6 movement axis as well as the Pointer finger and Thumb (sorry, only 2 fingers):
     image 1 image 2
     This will give you these results under Control Panel --> Game Controllers:
     The 2 Axis in the first Box are the P5's X (updown) and Y (leftright) movement/translation axis.
     the rest are in this order: Z (forward back) movement/translation axis,
     X rotation axis (yaw), Y rotation axis (pitch), Z rotation axis (roll),
     Thumb axis, Pointer Finger axis.
     image 3
  • At the moment it only allows for a total of 8 axis, so this mean that 3 axis at any one time have to be sacrificed. For example, above i have sacrificed the last 3 finger axis.
  • If you wish to use as many fingers as possible, read [roid|here].
  • **This Program has been rendered redundant by PIE - below. Grab PIE instead.**

Gmouse. (by tpdiffenbach) Download from P5 Yahoo Group (username: p5glovefiles password: blahblah)

  • A Mouse Emulator for the P5 glove, to replace the internal hardware mousemode (mousemode must be turned off).
  • Coupled with [DualMode|Carl's Dual Mode Drivers], and you have Absolute Mode Mouse Movement.
  • **Made Defunct by PIE**

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