Official Games

Hitman2. (game included with the P5)

Tiger Hunt. (game included with the P5)

Beach Head 2002 demo. (game included with the P5)

Air Lock. (game included with the P5). author's website

Black and White (B&W). link to patch (fileshack), alternate link (fileplanet)

Serious Sam II: The Second Encounter. link to patch broken link


Die By The Sword: Limb from Limb (P5 version)

  • A hacked version of the game "Die by the sword: Limb from Limb" (DBTS) originally by Interplay. it has been hacked to have both relative and absolute mode P5 control. you can bend the fingers to control the movement of the character (or just use the keyboard), while swinging the glove around to control the sword. another program is included to adjust movement sensativitys.
  • This is only available as a full game 445MB download, thererfore it is still covered by NDA to protect Interplay's copyright. Although if you already have the DBTS game with teh limb from limb patch, contact me and we can try exchanging certain files to see what files have been edited for the P5. Then after we figure this out, perhaps i can release it as a simple patch.
  • A demo of the original game can be found on various places around the net. Note that **this will NOT be a P5 version**, but using the mouse in VSIM mode will give you a feel for it, and is still pretty good. One place to download the old non-P5 DBTS demo is at the bottom of this page.

Cursed. (by Michael Mandel) link

  • A 3D swordfighting game that can use the P5 glove.
  • Move the P5 to the left/right or forward to trigger a pre-scripted sword attack
  • A showcase program for a bigger "Motion Synthesis Research" project.

Control (by Richard Hachem) link

  • This is a multiplayer game built for a virtual reality class, using the P5 glove for control and a 3D hand as you avatar.