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Using the P5 for Physical Control

MechaPS (Mechanized Propulsion Systems) (by the MPS team). link

  • These guys are making a real full sized mech, i'm not joking. They are considering using dual P5 gloves as part of the control system
  • Part of their future plans include:
    • using the P5 with Juice (the Juice program is actually part of the MechaPS project).
    • left handed version
    • dual units at the same time
    • absolute and relative modes
    • Unix/Linux and Win32 development

G6000 Smart-Car (RC car control). (by "Mike" and Jarrod Rivituso) Archived Page

RobotGloveJava. (by Eric Lundquist)

DC motor controller / The Manta

(by Brian Ballsun-Stanton)

  • Brian Ballsun-Stanton adapted the ShowGlove Java class to send instructions to a Phidget Servo Controller. The Servo Controller then sent its own instructions to a set of four Victor Servo to DC motor controllers, which powered four motors.
  • The "Manta" is a cable array robot which uses the Power Glove to control the length of four lines. Adjusting the length of each line causes a change in position for the Manta.
  • The "Manta" wire model can move in 3 dimensions controlled via P5 finger flexing.
  • Code is available on request to Brian.

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