10LEDTEST. public version, source code plus other compiles [1]

  • An internal Essential Reality test program, it tracks the P5 LEDs in absolute mode.
  • Numbered boxes correspond with the LEDs. Red boxes are LEDs that are being actively tracked, Yellow boxes are LEDS that are not being actively tracked. if you enable "use matrix" it will use mathematical formulae to triangulate the probable position of the yellow untracked LEDs.
  • This program was once covered by NDA, but it has since been released allowing full unrestricted distribution. Also the source code has been released.
  • There are 4 compiled versions of the program included with in the Source, from differing time periods. Older ones don't have the text markers for "Q to exit" and H for help. The Public version (not included with the source) from June 13 2002 is a few seconds (!) more recent than the compiled 3dLedTest_D.exe included with the source. But the compiled 8LEDTest.exe included with the source (not the public version) is the MOST recent compile, being from August 23 2002. However this most recent version seems to be designed for an ER internal non-standard or experimental version of P5DLL.DLL.
  • Perhaps also included in the source is the source for the P5 Gesture POC (see below).
  • Keys
      • |up/down/left/right/PgUp/PgDn|slide camera|
      • |**SHIFT +** up/down/left/right|rotate camera|
      • |P|Pause on/off|
      • |M|Matrix on/off|
      • |Q|Quit program|
    • Windowed mode only
      • |-/=|Matrix/Fullscreen (depending on highlighted selection) off/on|
      • |X|Matrix on/off|
      • |F10|Pause on/off|
    • Full screen mode only
      • |S|Text on/off (help incl)|
      • |H|Add Help to Text on/off (not in the earliest compile)|
      • |-/+|Adjust Text update speed|

P5TEST. download

  • This is an internal test program for the P5's relative mode and finger bending. It tracks and shows all the translation and rotation axis seperately.
  • It was once covered by NDA, but now it is downloadable.

P5 ID. (by taotao) Download from P5 Yahoo Group (username: p5glovefiles password: blahblah)

  • Shows the Vendor ID and Product ID of your P5 Glove.

P5 Data collection program. (by Derrick Parkhurst) link

  • This is the source (a ready compiled exe version is also included) for a program that dumps (to a file) the movement, rotation and finger bending data in realtime for later analysis.
  • MS-Excel reads these files quite well.