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P5 Glove Youtube Group

  • Official demo video (scroll down to the videos)
  • Official teaser video (scroll down to the videos)
  • Official instructional video
  • Messing around on the windows desktop
  • This video clip is a demonstration using a variety of devices. A data glove (P5 Glove), a joystick, a mouse and then a gun is used to input a sentence
  • Video of someone playing Cursed
  • VR Rehabilitation - Finger excercise performed using the Essential Reality P5 gaming glove
See also P5_Glove:Hardware_Hacks for this project and another like it.
  • g6000 - Real time Control - This is a project I did for the 20th Litec invitational at RPI the year my partner an I won 1st place. It's an RC car controlled remotely with a P5 VR Glove. This video shows the real time control.
wiki reference to G6000 project


  • The P5 Glove as a MIDI controller. The glove controls Musolomo plug-in in Ableton Live 4.1.
  • Testing out Essential Reality P5 Powerglove with some G2X patches
  • a P5 Glove experiment, to figure out what you can do with the glove musically.. controlling the Siel EX-80 synthesizer with it.
    • Missing 82 Reinvented - a live performance of Missing82, its still sort of rough but you can see the marriage between the p5glove and the c64_MLR subprojects. i hope you enjoy.
  • First concert of Elektronengehirn with data glove as instrument. With the glove the graphics were controlled which controls the sound engine. The visual software is custom made with C/C++ and OpenGL while the sound engine is programmed with pd (pure data), both running on a linuxlaptop. The concert was performed at gallery KuBaSta Hamburg, Germany, on the 29. april 2006
  • RAWKSHOW is a popculture audiovisual band performing in multimedia. Mixing music with video... The band, made up of Alan Cannistraro & Amit Kapadiya, creates custom instruments for live performance, debuting with the G-Love 5000 (made from a P5 glove); a glove-like instrument played via hand motion. The G-Love plays music and imagery through techniques like air-scratching, throwing sound, and sculpting visuals. Intro So Money Funky Town
  • OCP - João Ricardo - Video of the P5 Glove in use as a MIDI controller. The glove controls Musolomo plug-in in Ableton Live 4.1.
link to video
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  • Section 9
Section 9 Live on OTC radio
See also P5_Glove:Musical#Jeremy_aka_Aamano_.40_Section_9_link
  • Anthony Cornicello performs "The Gloved One" at Sequenza 21 concert article on Sequenza 21 concert

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