Rule 1302. List of Arbitrators. Appointment to Board. Oath

(a) A list of available arbitrators shall be prepared in the manner prescribed by local rule. The list shall consist of a sufficient number of members of the bar actively engaged in the practice of law primarily in the judicial district in which the court is situated so as to be fairly representative thereof.

(b) The board of arbitrators shall consist of three members of the bar appointed from the list of available arbitrators as prescribed by local rule.

(c) The board shall be chaired by a member of the bar admitted to the practice of law for at least three years.

(d) Not more than one member or associate of a firm or association of attorneys shall be appointed to the same board.

(e) A member of a board who would be disqualified for any reason that would disqualify a judge under the Code of Judicial Conduct shall immediately withdraw as an arbitrator.

(f) Each arbitrator shall take an oath of office in conformity with Section 3151 of the Judicial Code.

Note: Arbitrators shall be compensated pursuant to Section 3544(a)(1) of the Judicial Code.


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