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Jelly Otter: Maggie

Baby Butter Otter: Ms. Calloway

Pinch Raccoon: Grace

Peanut Otter: Buck

Edouard Snootsie: Jeb

Aunt Nanner: Audrey

Georgina Snootsie: Pearl

Ernest Otter: Sam

Mayor Jeff: Lucky Jack

Ootsie Snootsie: Rusty

Scootch Raccoon: Alameda Slim

Munchy Beaver: Rico

JEB: Don't yell at me.

Oh. The call of duty.

Why don't you handle this one, Grace?

It's time I gave you more responsibility on the farm.

[Pop] Really?

Thanks, Mrs. C. I'll make you proud.

Can hog! Can hog!

Get off my case, little cocktail wieners!

GRACE: Whoa, whoa!

I'm sensing a lot of negative energy here.

That's our can, and Jeb took it.

And now he says it's his can.

Now, let's not play the shame and blame game.

This is an organic problem, and there's a holistic solution.

You don't get this whole farm concept, do you, sister?

Kill the goat!

[All shouting]

- Give it! - Get the can!

- Ahem. - We're sorry, Mrs. Caloway.

Piggies, why can't you leave Jeb alone?

Yeah! Why can't you?

The poor old goat needs peace and quiet.

That's right! I need it!

So, run along, and take your can with you.

Yeah, you take that can and...

Hey! Whoa! Come back here, you little bacon bits!

Jeb, don't you have enough cans of your own?

Uh, no, not really.

I'd be happy to take her in, Abner.

There's always room for one more.

Well, thanks, Pearl.

I gotta warn you, though.

She's... heh heh... she's a bit headstrong.

PEARL: Oh, now, don't you worry, Abner.

I'm sure she'll fit right in.

So long, Pearl. You take care, now.

Mrs. Caloway! Oh! Mrs. Caloway! Mrs. Calo...

[Gasps] Mrs. Caloway, there's a newcomer at the gate.

- Not now, Audrey. - But it's a great big...

Everybody? This here is Maggie.

[Tires screech]

[Rock music playing]


PEARL: Three-time winner    of the Golden Udder Award...

and the original    Miss Happy Heifer.

A show cow?

On Patch of Heaven?


PEARL: Now, I want y'all    to make her feel right at home.

You hear me?

Hey, thanks, everybody.

It's great to be here in Patch of Heaven.

Now, don't everybody speak at one time.

What is this,    the frozen food section?

[Echoes] Is this thing on?


Ahem. Good morning, uh, Margaret.

What a wonderful surprise...

to find a fellow bovine joining the ranks.

[Mock coughing] Phony.

[Honk] Ooh!

- I'm Mrs. Caloway. - Hi.

- And this is Grace. - Hi.

No applause and trophies here, I'm afraid.

Just the fruits of our good, honest labor.


Workin' stiffs, huh?

Boy, I remember those days.

Wow! You're the biggest cow I have ever saw.

Well, if you're in charge, I'll take that as a compliment.

- Uh... - And if you're not...

I guess I'll just have to sit on you.


Hey, I'm only kidding!

Say, what is this you've got jammed up in your ear?


Here, have an apple, kid.

Don't go near any luaus, though.

Wait a minute.

I got somethin' stuck in my ear.

This one's for me.


Ahh! That was good.

ALL: Awesome!

Do it again! Do it again!

Come on, come on! Do it again! Do it again!

DILLON:    Oh! That's so cool!

Maggie's some fun, isn't she?

Ohh. Teaching pigs to throw food.

As if they weren't    sloppy enough.

I'm goin' long!

Heh heh heh.



[All burping]

Whoa! Whoa!

Dagnabit, Buck, slow down!

MAGGIE: OK, who's up for a game of tin-can tag?

Hey! That can is a family heirloom.

Whoever wins is gettin' a free tetanus shot! OK?

BUCK: Superstar comin' through!

ALL: Awesome!

- No autographs, please. - I got your autograph, pal! Ow!

Who's the hotshot?

- Oh, it's Buck. - Puh! City slicker.

SHERIFF: Oh! Whoa! Whoa! Dagnabit, Buck!

Take it easy. This ain't no rodeo.

Why, good morning, Sam. Heh heh.

Is that ornery horse gettin' away from you again?

Oh, uh, howdy, Pearl.

I came out to bring you another bank notice.

This one'll be the last.

You know, every time I get a weak harvest...

they send me one of these here notices.

They'll get their money soon enough.

SHERIFF: It's a whole new    shootin' match now, Pearl.

The bank's callin' in    everybody's debt.

They're losin' money somethin' fierce...

with all the cattlemen    goin' under.

I'm tellin' you, if they don't get their money in three days...

they're gonna auction off Patch of Heaven.


[Gasps] No.

But... they can't take my place.

Why, I've been here through twisters, blizzards.

Sam, uh...

Sam, this is my home.

I'm sorry, Pearl. I'm truly sorry.

Yeah, well...

"sorry" just ain't gonna save my farm.

Well, Buck, I hope you're proud of yourself.

As a matter of fact, I am. Thank you for checking.

You know, Pearl, it don't have to be this way.

You've got the best livestock    in the county.

All you gotta do...

is just sell off a few of these critters...

Stop right there, Sam.

They're family. You don't sell family.

Ho-ho-hold your horses, Pearl.

Now you get, before I start using words...

no good woman should ever use.

- Don't bust your gusset, woman! - Go on, Sam!

It is still my property! Now get!

I said, get!

I was just tryin' to help!

Oh. Oh.

That sure took the starch right out of me.


PEARL: I am sorry, girls.

I'm just plum out of ideas.

[Somber music playing]

Well, I think we all know what happens now.

Well, I think we all know what happens now.

- Uh, Jeb, don't start. - Now we all get eaten.

- Jeb? - What? What?

You don't think people in town eat animals?

But who would eat a chicken? Heh heh.

Come on, guys. There must be something we can do.

What? What could we do?


- This just isn't fair. - Fair!

[Gasps] Good call, Curly!

- Ollie. - Ollie.

Uh, what is?

Listen. What would you say if I told you...

that you could win big money...

and see beautiful downtown Chugwater...

if you went to the County Fair?

ALL: Ohh.

Thank you for your input, but...

Come on! Let the new cow talk!

ALL: New cow! New cow! New cow!

Come on, Mrs. C. You've got a real good-lookin' bunch here.

I see some real potential.

Aw, shucks.

Now, the fair is two weeks away.

I say we go to town, butter up that sheriff's horse...

and get him to give us more time.

What are we waitin' for, Maggie? Let's go.

That's right. What do you say, Caloway?

Bah! Absolutely not.

I will not abandon Pearl in her hour of need...

for such a ridiculous plan.

She would be devastated if she found us missing.

As far as I'm concerned, that's not an option.

All right. Suit yourself.

Come on, Grace. We've got a farm to save.

Oh, you'll have to excuse her. She's just a little tense.

Tense. What's her specialty, sour cream?

[Scoffs] Going to town.

Of all the ill-conceived i...


Now, don't look at me so crossly.

I know what you're going to say...

that Maggie and Grace    will need someone...

with my eye for detail...

to keep them    on the straight and narrow.

[Sighs] Say no more. I'll go.

Now, tut tut. No mushy good-byes, my little ones.

You know how I get about overly emotional displays.

Ahem. Ladies?

GRACE: Mrs. C.

[British accent] Well, what made you change your mind?

- I'd rather not talk about it. - It's a chick thing.

[All tweeting]

AUDREY: Good luck, girls!

- See ya! - Bye!

- They're stew meat. - Hurry back!

[Dramatic western music playing]

So, you think you got the drop on me?

Well, think again.


Wah! Wah!


Yah-hoo! Hyah!





[Bonk] [Ptoo, ptoo, ptoo]

Haaay! Jump back! Kiss myself! [Kiss]

VOICE:    Buck. Earth to Buck? Buck!

[Whistles] It's your move.



Ohh... great.


You were sleep-fighting again. Almost threw a shoe.

Ohh. Sorry. Heh.

It just... it seems like all the other horses...

are out there fighting bad guys and takin' names!

[Kung fu screams]

Uhh! Who put this here?

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