Jelly Otter as Fa Mulan

Peanut Otter as Li Shang

Trevor Philips (from GTA V) as Shan Yu

Floyd and Wade Hebert (from GTA V) as Hun Soldiers

Pinch Raccoon as Mushu

Sparx (from the Spyro series) as Cri-Kee

Ernest Otter as Fa Zhou

Opal Otter as Fa Li

Aunt Nanner as Granny Fa

Mayor Jeff as the Great Ancestor

Cap'n Crane as the Emperor

Flick Duck as Chi Fu

Ootsie Snootie as Yao

Bootsie Snootie as Ling

Edouard Snootie as Chien-Po

Georgina Snootie as the Matchmaker

Walt Raccoon as Great Wall Guard

Wanda Raccoon, Betty-Lou Beaver, and Shirley Duck as Makeup/Dressing Ladies

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