PB&J Otter: A Hoohaw Hoo Christmas is a PB&J Otter Christmas special that will air on 24 December 2012. It will be a TV special that will also be released in DVD.

Tagline: Christmas will soon come to Hoohaw. And what to our wondering eyes should appear: but Ernest Otter's sleigh and his lively

Plot: This delightful animated tale stars favorite PB&J Otter characters who takes the place of a flu stricken Ice Moose and his sneezie Sugarplum Ferrets. Soon, Mayor Jeff must give Peanut and his friends flying lessons. After two weeks of flight training, Peanut, Butter, Jelly, raccoons Pinch and Scootch, Flick, Munchy and the Snooties succeed. On Christmas Eve, a dastardly villainous cat (voiced by Christopher Lloyd) steals The Ice Moose's magic toy bag and kidnaps the children to the North Pole leaving their parents grounded. Now, it's up to Peanut, Butter, Jelly and all their friends to return the magic toy bag in time, free themselves from the no good cat and save Christmas by helping Ernest (as The Ice Moose's replacement) bring Christmas to the children of the world.


Five More Days til Christmas

Hoohaw Hoo

No Big Deal

Practice Makes Perfect

Wild Christmas


My Only Wish This Year


Here are the list of the characters who will pull the sleigh in order from the first line:










Ernest Otter will be The Ice Moose's replacement!

As the title suggests, instead of Santa's original "Ho ho ho", Ernest laughs by saying "Hoohaw Hoo Hoo Hoo"

This is the first time Baby Butter speaks in this PB&J holiday special.

This is the second PB&J Otter special that represents Christmas. The first was "The Ice Moose".

There will be two music videos. One was "Stick-To It-Ive" from Nine Dog Christmas, but this time it was performed by Will I Am feat Jamie Foxx with scenes from the movie and "My Only Wish This Year" by Britney Spears also with some scenes from the movie.

During the song, "Five More Days til Christmas", some scenes are similar to "Up at the North Pole" from Nine Dog Christmas. The people of Lake Hoohaw are working hard for the holidays and getting ready for Christmas Eve, followed by the elves at the North Pole working on their toys.

There are some similar scenes during the song "Wild Christmas" to "Nine Dogs Out & Santa's In" from Nine Dog Christmas, which shows us the scene where PB&J and all their friends help Ernest bring Christmas to the children of the world by flying through and above:

New York












The Temple of Heaven (China)




San Francisco

Grand Canyon

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Great Wall of China

Machu Picchu

Niagara Falls

Rio (Brazil)


Mount Everest (Himalayas)

Galapagos Island



Butter: So where do you think we're going?

Scootch: We're going home! We're going home! Home! Home!

Peanut: Poor little Scootch. He just doesn't understand. We're never going home. We've been kidnapped to the North Pole.

Pinch: Oh, this is terrible.

Peanut: Sometimes, things always go wrong for me. Now, look. It really happens now.

Butter: Hey! Cheer up, guys. Peanut, Jelly and I are always using our noodles to solve our problems. Right?

Peanut: Sure, Butter. Sure.

Jelly: For some reason, I can't think of anything right now.

Scottch: So are we going home now, Peanut? Are we? Are we? Huh? Huh?

Peanut: (sighs) Oh, man.

Flick: Hey! What's taking so long? Cheese and quackers! This kidnapping makes me freezing my webbed feet off!

Bootsie: Talk about chilling! Whoa!

Peanut: For 3 days I've been in this cold weather. I can't take it anymore.

Jelly: You bet, and I'm freezing!

Pinch: Me too!

Peanut: Well, you can stand by me, Jel. To keep you warm from the cold.

Jelly: Thanks, Peanut!

Ootsie: My teeth are chattering!

Munchy: My teeth are chattering too and my mouth was snapped shut. This is not the kind of weather that I was expecting! My teeth can't even chomp a single wood! I wish we were back in Lake Hoohaw!

Butter: There's no way back home to Lake Hoohaw. What are we going to do now?

Peanut: How are you feeling, Ootsie and Bootsie?

Ootsie: Me? I've got one thing to say, Peanut!

Bootsie: Me too!

Then, Ootsie and Bootsie started howling and their friends joined in by calling their parents for help.

Flick: (after seeing Pete falling down landing on a rock flowing through the icy cold water) You know, Pete! Don't forget to send us a postcard!

Everyone laughed

Opal: Come on, kids! We're going to save Hoohaw Hoo!

Ernest: Hoohaw Hoo Hoo Hoo! Now, Peanut! Now, Butter! Now, Jelly!, Now Flick and Munchy! On Ootsie! On Bootsie! On Pinch and Scootch! To the top of the porch and the top of the wall! Now, dash away! Dash away! Dash away all! Wait a minute, I think that's all that I've got. I don't know what else to say.

Mayor Jeff: What about, "Fly, kids! Fly!"

Butter: (founds out that she, Peanut, Jelly and the rest of her friends are already up in the air) We made it! We're flying!

Peanut: We're flying now!

Pinch: I can't hardly believe my eyes!

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