PB&J Otter: All Grown Up in Lake Hoohaw is a spin off series from PB&J Otter.


Taking place in Lake Hoohaw, it features PB&J and all their friends as adolescent children or teenagers, similar to Yo Yogi! The characters hung out in Hoohaw Mall. PB&J and the gang work at an agency called H.L.A.F (short for Hoohaw Lost and Found) where they act as detectives trying to solve mysteries, as well as crime fighters.


Mitchel Musso: Peanut Otter

Selena Gomez: Jelly Otter

Kyle Massey: Flick Duck

Zac Efron: Munchy Beaver

Corbin Bleu: Ootsie Snootie

Debby Ryan: Bootsie Snootie

Ashley Tisdale: Pinch Raccoon

Beatrice Miller: Butter Otter

Charlie Bright: Scootch Raccoon

Ben Stiller: Ernest Otter

Owen Wilson: Cap'n Crane

Ashton Kutcher: Mayor Jeff

Drew Barrymore: Opal Otter

Christina Ricci: Aunt Nanner

Emma Stone: Connie Crane

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