Here are my ideas for new episodes of PB&J Otter

At the Hoohaw Hotel: PB&J and all their friends are staying at the Hoohaw Hotel taking it easy. Well, almost everyone, because Munchy and Pinch got scared of the dark, Flick complains about his dirty bed and Ootsie and Bootsie didn't get the drink they were ordering, saying that it took so long. Can PB&J use their noodles to make things right for their friends?

Dining Out with Ophelia: Peanut and his girlfriend, Ophelia went to a fancy restaurant to order some food and drinks, but Peanut's newest friend, Miss Magic from The Mr Men Show brought some disaster.

Jelly's Hiccups: Jelly has the hiccups, so she visits a professional hiccup doctor to cure her hiccups.

Peanut's New Hat: Peanut and Jelly went to buy a new hat from a hat shop. The hat shop owner gives Peanut unusual hats. How long will it take Peanut to choose his favorite hat?

Flick in Love: Flick accidently fell in love with a Crane (Daughter of Connie and Cap'n Crane) named Cathy.


Little Miss Magic from The Mr Men Show will appear on PB&J Otter.

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