• Matt as Fry and Lars
  • Katrina Eloise "Murph" Murphy as Dr. Cahill
  • Binky as Mr. Pannuci
  • Ledge as Barbados Slim
  • Mr. Big as Kwanzaa-bot
  • Hector Ruiz as Al Gore
  • Captain Tangent as Nudar
  • Dr. Two-Brains' Henchmen as Schlump and Fleb
  • Oscar the Grouch as Channukah Zombie
  • Manny Spamboni as Robot Santa Claus
  • Gerald, Pig, Frog, Piggley Winks, Unknown Male Rabbit #6, George Lundgren, Tex, Rex, Cleo, Tanya, and Kara as Robot Santa's Elves
  • Miguel as Yancy Fry
  • Ollie as Cubert

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