• Mr. Conductor as Ten Cents
  • Mr. Ratburn as Big Mac
  • Bert as OJ
  • Schemer as Top Hat
  • Ord as Warrior
  • Mr. Read as Hercules
  • Elmo as Sunshine
  • Gerald as Grampus
  • Principal Haney as Captain Star
  • Rattles as Zorran
  • Delete as Zebedee
  • Buzz as Zak
  • Tommy as Zug
  • Timmy as Zip
  • Oscar the Grouch as Captain Zero
  • Slink as Johnny Cuba
  • Toby as Bluenose
  • Scoop as Boomer
  • Arthur as Puffa
  • Crazy Bus as The Goods Engine
  • Big Bird as Big Mickey
  • Alpha Pig as Little Ditcher
  • Spud as Billy Shoepack
  • The Conductor as Fire Tug
  • Hiro as Mighty Moe
  • Bulstrode as Nantucket
  • Scrambler as Old Rusty
  • Buddy as Coast Guard
  • Mort as Coast Guard's Messenger
  • Owen as Sea Rogue
  • Merrick as Sea Rogue's Uncle

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