• Matt as Fry
  • Emily Elizabeth as Colleen
  • Buster as Chu
  • Yivo as Himself
  • Jimmy Z as Randy 
  • Tai-Tai as The Grand Midwife
  • Tank Grommet as Bolt Rolands
  • P.T. Bommer as Professor Hawking
  • Danny Rebus as the Robot Devil
  • Commisioner Watson as URL
  • Ruf Ruffman as Blatherbot
  • Little Chrissy as Fender
  • Bionic Bunny as Cowardman
  • Mrs. Demson as Hattie McDoogal
  • The Mayor as Mayor Poopenmeyer
  • Rich Old Lady as Petunia
  • Scruff Ruffman as the Donbot
  • Zeus as Hedoism Bot
  • Dr. Two-Brains as Ogden Wernstrom

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