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  • Matt as Thomas
  • The Count as Edward
  • Big Bird as Henry
  • Mr. Ratburn as Gordon
  • Schemer as James
  • Sid as Percy
  • Coop as Toby
  • George as Duck
  • Mr. Haney as The Fat Controller
  • Jackie as Emily
  • Rattles as Diesel
  • Birthday Girl as Daisy
  • The Cat as BoCo
  • Baby Bop as Lady
  • Beautiful Day Monster as Hector
  • Dr. Two-Brains as Bulgy
  • Wonder Red as Mavis
  • Maria as Lady Hatt
  • Noddy as Skarloey
  • Ant as Rheneas
  • Arthur as Whiff
  • Legde as Sir Handel
  • Digit as Peter Sam
  • Frog as Rusty
  • Buzz as Duncan
  • T. Bone as Duke
  • Inez as Rosie
  • Murray Monster as Tiger Moth
  • Tibble Twins as Bill and Ben
  • Toby as Arry
  • Slink as Bert
  • Crazy Bus as Bertie
  • Stacy Jones as Molly
  • Mr. Rogers as Salty
  • Hobart Hume the 3rd as Spencer
  • Hacker as Diesel 10
  • Brain as Oliver
  • Mr. Higgins and Mr. Marco as Donald and Douglas
  • Noah as Harold
  • Buster as George
  • Buster as Stanley
  • DW Read as Elizabeth


  1. Matt Gets Tricked
  2. The Count Helps Out
  3. The Sad Story of Big Bird
  4. Dr. Two Brains
  5. Robot
  6. Inez's Rubbish
  7. Beautiful Day the Horrid

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