• Oscar the Grouch as Chris McClean
  • Rattles as Chef Hatchet
  • Arthur as Geoff
  • Brother Bear as Duncan
  • The Cat in the Hat as DJ
  • Barney as Owen
  • Digit as Harold
  • Jetta as Lindsay
  • Molly MacDonald as Eva
  • Elmo as Tyler
  • Big Bird as Noah
  • T-Bone as Cody (Not Justin, T-Bone is a hero and Justin is a villain)
  • Clifford as Trent
  • D.W. as Bridgette
  • Emily Elizabeth as LeShawna
  • Cleo as Sierra
  • Baby Bop as Beth
  • Sue Ellen Armstrong as Courtney
  • Francine Frensky as Heather (Not Carruthers, don't be sexist, Ben29oak)
  • Muffy as Izzy
  • Diesel 10 as Alejandro
  • Zak as Mike
  • Wheezie as Zoey
  • Emmy as Dawn
  • Max as Cameron
  • Ord as Rodney
  • Cassie as Ella

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