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There were a group of PBS Kids id's that would teach kids about certain topics. To see them click here.

1: A group of boys and girls sing the alphabet. They are wearing purple sweatshirts. When they pull up the sweatshirt a shirt with a letter of the alphabet on a white shirt appears. The letter is colored black. The kids are in different locations in a park. They sing from A to Y. The letter Z (which is a girl?) is sleeping on the grass. She is snoring white letter Zs. She is also in the PBS KIDS Logo.

2: The little boy who was the letter O in the id above goes to the fridge for a snack. He grabs an ice cream sandwich. The boy thinks of what the ice cream is feeling in his stomach. Then a banana, a fish ,grapes, an apple, join him for the party. You probably think the ice cream is in the logo. But the boy is in the PBSKIDS logo.

3: You know these Chinese dragons for Chinese new year? These kids are dressed like them, but as a seahorse, bird and lion. The lion takes off his mask and reveals a Hispanic boy. He is in the PBS Logo.

4. There are two triangles. A small purple one and a big yellow with blue polka dotted one. Next there is a boy with a fish costume and a boy dressed as a dresser spaceman. Then they are a basketball player and a tall clown. Finally they are two boxes with one eye. The PBS KIDS logo is inside the fish costume.

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