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Created by ShadowRavenX

Name: Artimis "Artie" Wells

Age: 34

Teacher of: Visual Arts

Pokemon: Smeargle

Artimis or Artie as he is known to friends, started out as a typical mon with not so typical brains. He excelled through his classes, getting top marks from both middle and high school and then was excepted into the top notch colleges of the day. His parents were thrilled and glad to see their son make so much of himself. (It should be noted that Artie is a former student of the PCA. He was part of Team Painted Bandits.)

Only he threw it all away. Dropping out of college Artie found himself thrust into the art scene, his talents for the arts being recognized by some of the top people of the day. The next few years became a blur of art, madness, sex and drugs, all to get a high in which he could create the art the world termed 'genius.' Though his brain and body did suffer the consequences....(He has a scar on his left side from a kidney transplant. He now only has the one now and must be on constant medication, which sometimes has the side effect of making him seem out of it or high.)

After putting a stop to everything....the drugs and even his art. Artimis found himself without a job or a living for a few years. Until he was offered one at his former school the Pokemon Combat Academy. He was surprised they took him and again he started his art, showing a more care free, laid back almost hippy nature. Quite different then almost every teacher there.

Now Mr. Wells lives in an old beat-up winnebago that is parked out back of the school campus.

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