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Aldredge "Al" Abelson

Clefable, formerly a star fullback with the Mt. Moon Meteors. Al was sidelined by a broken ankle eight years ago, an injury which later ended his career. Returning home to take care of his family in Viridian, he faded into the background. Two years ago, he once again made the news, after his Jigglypuff wife of sixteen years, Lontana, accused him of domestic abuse. The charges were eventually dropped, but the pair separated almost immediately afterward, and Al's image -- drunken, dishevvelled, disorderly -- was splashed all over the evening news. After two years, his image improved: he got a job (finally) and laid off the booze. During his son's Freshman year at the PCA, a divorce was finally granted, ending a long struggle on his wife's part to get him out of her and her children's lives. He currently lives in Viridian, working a factory job. He does not yet have any custody rights with his children.

Jade Clyphus

Wife of Markham Clyphus and a popular Broadway Actress.

Judge Markham Clyphus

An alakazam who is one of many referees in the PCA Championship. Most famous for hardly any bad to it attributed to his psychic powers or his common sense is up for debate. Not only that, he has married into an influential yet eccentric family and has adopted their way of thinking with aplomb. In fact he adopted the Clyphus name instead of his wife adopting his.

Louisa Faith Chastity Gbagbo

Infernape, former Sinnoh All-Pro League Champion. Ms. Gbagbo made headlines when she tackled the National Leagues two deacdes ago, at the age of 57; despite her advanced age, her fighting skills were incredible, and she was quickly set up as an underdog favorite for the semi-finals; many felt she had a shot at becoming Grand Champion. It was not to be, however, as a foolish misstep in the semi-final fight against Hurricane Kai sent her to the hospital, and left her in a very disappointing fourth place when the Sharpedo was defeated by Willow Hipnough for the Champion seat.

Louisa spent an entire year in a coma, while her daughters, Charity and Takwanda, spoke out against what they saw as excessive force on Kai's part, for all the good such a ruling would have done their mother. Upon her -- quite miraculous -- recovery, Ms. Gbagbo called a press conference, absolving Hurricane Kai of any wrongdoing, forgiving her, and announcing her retirement. She has not been heard from publically since. She requires daily care, courtesy of her older daughter. Her only granddaughter currently attends the PCA.

Noriko Karamatsu

Female Sudowoodo, age 40; Silph Corporation scientist in charge of Pallet Town's Sugi Pokemon Laboratory. Colloquially known as "Professor Cypress" or simply "the Professor".

Noriko Karamatsu (Karamatsu Noriko, 唐松法子) is the ninth scientist assigned to head the team at the Sugi Lab since the place was donated to Silph Co. by its founder, Professor Samuel Daimyo, shortly before his death. The position is easily one of the most coveted in the entire company, and though the sitting Head's tenure can be renewed after a year, competition for it is usually so fierce as to make such a thing impossible. Noriko, however, might have a shot at that-- it was no accident she got the spot to begin with. The Sudowoodo has a brilliant mind and a love for Pokemon, having graduated from the prestigious Cerulean University with a Doctorate of Zoology. Currently in her seventh year with the company, she had been in the running for the Head Scientist spot for the past three years before earning the title-- the newest employee to hold the chair so far.

Noriko runs the lab rather smoothly nowadays, and is almost always happy to receive visitors, especially from the PCA just up the road in Viridian City; the Academy's Biology classes often make the short trip to get a chance to study the Lab's resident Pokemon, and she is quite willing to oblige. While it's not known what sort of moves or combat experience the Professor has-- such things are classified under Silph corporate policy-- she IS known to have a very nasty and accurate Rock Throw, as one onlooking Biology class and a very unfortunate Pokemon poacher found out last spring.

Noriko is married to the lab's Chief Veterinarian, Minoru Karamatsu (also a Sudowoodo), and has two children, Hoshiko and Nori.

Artico Nevermelt

Glalie, eccentric inventor. Arti spent his entire life in trying to create something truly amazing, that could carry his name beyond his death. Sadly, most of his patents were for bizarre contraptions without any real-world application. It was quite by accident that he created the thing that would live up to his name: NeverMelt Ice©, an amazing substance that gave the long-beleaguered Ice types a game-changing offensive boost in combat. The invention made him an overnight millionaire, and his fortune has continued to grow ever since. He lives a quiet life, at the age of 99, in a mansion near Blackthorn City. His great-grandniece attends the PCA, though given her mother's disowning from Artico's side of the family, she has neither met him nor shared in his fortune.

Lieber Popschevitz

Marshtomp, former pro skating champ. Lieber grew up enamored with the fast-paced lives and cool tricks of skateboarders in his hometown, but was always disappointed by the poor reputations of skaters, getting kicked out of public areas or rounded up by police. This combination of passion and frustration would lead him on a journey culminating with the creation of a sporting event of Olympic proportions for extreme sports: the E-Games. While retired from active participation at age 32, Lieber continues to run the E-Games as well as appearing at charity exhibitions, not to mention starring in a successful series of skateboarding video games. His name is household among those interested in extreme sports.

Sani Saljow

Solrock, model. Sani burst onto the modeling scene at the age of 20, a true bombshell who began appearing in swimsuit magazines, fashion papers, not to mention gracing the pages of many an erotic tabloid. She's become a real star, moving from swimsuit modeling to fashion shows; one poster of her in particular can be found in many the bedroom of a teenage boy (or girl, for that matter). Her mother, Dawn, is also her manager; she divorced Sani's father when she was eight. Her father, Sylvester Fitzroan, later remarried and had another daughter, her half-sister, who attends the PCA.

Richard One "Rick1000" Thousand

Ambipom, semi-pro battler. Rick's parents weren't very imaginative: instead of coming up with names for their children, they named them all Richard, with different middle names to tell them apart. Being the oldest, he was Richard One; his brothers are Richards Two, Three and Four. Growing up poor in a family with four boys meant lots of competition, and Richard managed to best his brothers at every turn, though he always made sure to watch out for their best interests as well. This early life of constant struggle built him into the perfect battler, and with skill and passion, some say he could have made Grand Champion by age 30. However, Rick was always more interested in entertaining crowds, and so his career's been spent in the local semi-pro leagues. Though often shuffled from league to league, he never strove for more than a spandex costume, a rousing theme song, and a few flashy trademarked moves with which he could wow an audience.

He retired at one point, married Takwanda Gbagbo and began raising a family, but the lure of the ring called to him and he's come out of retirement, mostly to do charity shows. Despite getting on in years, he remains as intimidating a fighter as he ever was, and with no lack in energy. His daughter, Overnia, attends the PCA.

William "Buck" Wiggleson

Floatzel, former TV actor. In the golden age of television was a superhero program many would care to forget: The Adventures of Captain Riptide, starring Buck Wiggleson as the beefy titular hero. The show was actually very popular in its day, despite having what would now be considered a great deal of poor special special effects and cheesy dialogue. Aside from flying, pummelling endless bad guys, and always getting the girl, the good Captain was known for having a show that ran far longer than it needed to. "Captain Riptide" went through a number of setting changes, leading to "Captain Riptide and the Space Pirates" as well as "Captain Riptide in the Fourth Dimension". A final executive decision to restart the series led to arguably the worst remake, "The New Adventures of Captain Riptide", co-starring Buck's overweight son Walter, barely six at the time, as the Captain's sidekick, Eddy. Already in its declining years, the show's final season lasted a mere six episodes before being dropped once and for all.

Finding himself with a son to support on his own and in desperate need of a job -- he had been Captain Riptide for more than a decade, and that role was all that anyone associated with him -- he moved from Jubilife City in Sinnoh to Viridian and quickly found himself lumped into the B-grade actor pile. His most glamorous roles have been in made-for-TV action movies; the rest have been guest appearances on shows like Dancing With the Stars, the Surreal Life Viridian, and even Kanto Idol. While there has been talk of a Captain Riptide movie, Buck isn't certain how much he wants to stay attached to the role. His son, now a teenager, attends the PCA.

Col. Gusty Meadows

Rapidash, Pokemon Ranger. An officer with the Pokemon Rangers. Col. Gusty was part of a specialized group of Rangers whose sole purpose was to track and capture Shadow Pokemon before they could do harm to innocent bystanders. She has now moved to more search and rescue oriented missions in recent years.

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