Team Anomaly

Team Anomaly is the creation of Shelby S., aka Darkheart One/dh01

Species Type Sex Role
Agaric Stipe Paras PCA bugPCA grass M Leader, status effects
Rebecca Lee Dunsparce PCA normal F Support offense
Lybis Undina Relicanth PCA waterPCA rock F Frontline offense
Bella de la Melle Bronzor PCA steelPCA psychic F Team support

Team Dusk

Team Dusk is the creation of David D., aka Mad_Ferret

Species Type Sex Role
Hemlock Nuitte Murkrow PCA darkPCA flying M Leader/Support
Luna Selene Ninetails PCA fire F Mystic/Special Attacker
Bane O`Sullivan Skuntank PCA poisonPCA dark M Poet/Physical Attacker
Itachi Aoki Floatzel PCA water M Pessimist/Speed Attacker

Team Gamma

Team Gamma is the creation of David D., aka Mad_Ferret

Species Type Sex Role
Dexter Tecton Hippopotas PCA ground M Leader, Defense
Lucas Nessin Nidoran PCA fire M Support
Tyler Seria Aerodactyl PCA rockPCA flying M Physical Attacker
Pauly Bytes Porygon Z PCA normal G Special Attacker

Team Maverick

Team Maverick is the creation of David D. aka Mad_Ferret

Species Type Sex Role
Verne Hayes Ursaring PCA normal M Brawler
Doku Blackfang Seviper PCA poison M Hunter
Edan Ironfang Charmeleon PCA fire M Pyro
Vincent Oseiran Cubone PCA ground M Warrior

Team Otaku

Team Otaku is the creation of J. Rosa Jr., AKA Asuraludu

Species Type Sex Role
Amy Blues Ledian PCA bugPCA flying F Speedball Support
Daimond McCabe Weavile PCA darkPCA ice F Leader
Gregorian "Greg" Blues Snorlax PCA normal M Heavy Hitter
Roquelle Westman Geodude PCA groundPCA rock F Tactician

Team Red

Team Red is the creation of S. Howard, aka Tamar the Ebonyleopard

Species Type Sex Role
Bubba Bulbus Bulbasaur PCA grass M Primary Offense
Charmanda Zards Charmander PCA fire F Special Offense
Stuner Pikans Pikachu PCA electric M Team Leader
Zeni Kamins Squirtle PCA water F Strategist

Team Steadfast

Team Steadfast is the creation of Amanda V., aka Eiviiaru

Species Type Sex Role
Eigil Arneson Numel PCA firePCA ground M Front-line heavy uno, exotic foreign flavor
Samson Mondegreen Tangela PCA grass M Team leader, support, Pollyanna
Chinatsu Nakamori Nincada PCA bugPCA ground F Striker/harrier, perennially unamused
Agatha Prosper Relicanth PCA waterPCA rock F Front-line heavy dos, knitter, backup Pollyanna

Team Tasi Miti

Team Tasi Miti is the creation Vjohnson Jasper Drake courtesy of Aubri

Species Type Sex Role
Tamara Tellamapolou Poliwhirl PCA water F Leader and Heavy Hitter
Molly Johnson Combusken PCA firePCA fighting F Primary Offense
Ellis Belton Metang PCA steelPCA psychic F Ranged Offense
Andrew Plio Piloswine PCA icePCA ground M Hazer
Jasper Drake Lucario PCA fightingPCA steel M Alternate

Team Umbra

Team Umbra is the creation of David D. A.k.a. Mad_Ferret

Species Type Sex Role
Eclipse Penumb Absol PCA dark M Leader, Critical hits
Aether Delmaras Lucario PCA fightingPCA steel M Special Sweeper
Dosu Redclaw Zangoose PCA normal M Physical sweeper
Damien Kryel Sableye PCA darkPCA ghost M Status inflicter

Team WiredRed

Team WiredRed is the creation of KaeMantis and Liz

Species Type Sex Role
Libby DeVito Seadra PCA water F Team Leader
Dakota "Dusty" Briar Bulbasaur PCA grassPCA poison F Hazer
Jeffery Thompson Espeon PCA psychic M Primary Offense
Edna "Eddie" Nochtmon Umbreon PCA dark F Secondary Hazer/offense


Species Type Sex Owner
Kaynen Abelson Clefairy PCA normal M Take Walker
Suna Fitzroan Sudowoodo PCA rock F Take Walker
Lisa Malosette Wash Rotom PCA electricPCA ghost N B. Neal, AKA Carlito
Nelson Northrop Nosepass PCA rock M Take Walker
Robert Bertram "Butter" Pikanne Pikachu PCA electric M Take Walker
Spike Radcliffe Cyndaquil PCA fire M Aelius
Gladys Silkwood Wurmple PCA bug F Eiviiaru
Samuel Floyd Wood Elekid PCA electric M MarioSoleman

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