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Buster, Mr.

Substitute Teacher
Mr. Buster is the creation of N. Trujillo, aka Kompy/CeeGee
What classes does Mr. Buster (more commonly referred to as just Buster) do SUBSTITUTE teaching for? All of them. Mostly Phys Ed., of course, as Buster is well trained in the art of being a SUBSTITUTE dummy. He's also surprisingly effective at keeping watch on students during Detention, though most students woudn't be able to explain just why that is.
Buster is a mystery. He (most assume is a he) is said to have been part of the school since its very beginnings. No one knows what his true form is, or if he ever even had one, though the more popular rumor is that he belonged to a Keckleon or Cubone teacher who fell ill during a class, used his SUBSTITUTE to keep tabs on his students while he was hospitalized...and never returned to the school again. Most faculty members will merely claim that rumor to be pure nonsense...and hide well the fact that they don't know the answer to this themselves.
Others claim Buster is actually a Ghost-type who took possession of the doll for reasons unknown and is now unable to free himself from his "host". This rumor is also enforced by the fact that Buster has an uncanny ability to show up whenever the need for a SUBSTITUTE teacher is there.
But to the grand majority of the school, though, Buster simply is. As he has been, as he will always be.

Gordon, Rocco


PCA Head Nurse - Rocco By B. Neal, aka Carlito

Head Nurse
Rocco Gordon is the creation of B. Neal, aka Carlito
Mr. Rocco may seem like an odd choice to serve as head nurse of the Poke-Combat Academy, but in many ways he's the perfect 'mon for the job. Rocco Gordon had a short but notable career as a heavyweight arena fighter until his career was sidelined by an injury. Although it wasn't severe and he could have made a full recovery if he had taken time off to heal, his greedy manager insisted he just "play through the pain". Unfortunately the injury grew worse and soon he was no longer able to compete. He still walks with a slight limp in his left leg to this day.
Rocco went back to school, training in medicine with a specialty in sports medicine. He served on several professional teams as the team's doctor and trainer, although many felt he was too conservative. When Principal Felinduce offered him a position as head nurse for the P.C.A. he accepted, feeling that was where he could do the most good.
Despite his gruff demeanor, Mr. Rocco cares greatly for the students in his care. If anything he's a bit too cautious. He's determined to not let what happened to him extinguish any of the future stars he sees at the academy. He also serves as an unofficial coach, usually telling war stories to the students as he patches them up and teaching them how to avoid getting sent back to see him again.

Miltons, Mary-Beth

Head Cafeteria Chef
Is the creation of Ebonyleopard
Mrs. Milton is the Academy's head chief and is in charge of bring all the students their meals. She's a master cook. She has to be with so many different types to feed she has to know how to prepare a balanced diet meal for all. No small task. Thank goodness the PCA has a big food budget.
And don't let her catch you messing with her food. She's no cream puff herself. She can box with the best of them and her roll-out is quite impressive. She even used to compete in beauty competitions and has won quite a few in her day. At least Mr. Milton doesn't complain when she gets home.

Sparks, Edwin "Sparky"


PCA Janitor & Handyman - "Sparky" By B. Neal, aka Carlito

Head Janitor & Handyman
Team Krimson is the creation of B. Neal, aka Carlito
Edwin Sparks, known as Sparky to everyone at the academy (except for Principal Felinduce, who insists on calling him Mr. Sparks) is in charge of the daily maintenance and upkeep of the academy. It's his job to make sure that the facility is kept in tip-top shape, and his burden to clean up the messes that the young academy students invariably cause.
In many ways Sparky comes across as a bumpkin, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. Although he's a fairly simple 'mon in most aspects, the one thing he does excel at - mechanics and engineering - he does so with unsurpassed skill. There's nothing he can't build, dismantle, or repair.
Sparky's pride and joy, his "baby" as he calls it, is the school's official arena gymnasium. The facility is state of the art, able to configure into all sorts of simulated terrain and challenges with surprising ease and speed. Sparky spends most of his free time tinkering with the inner mechanisms of the arena, like a mad scientist huddled down in his lab with his abominable creation. Some psychic Pokemon swear that the arena itself has a literal mind of it's own.
Sparky has an open challenge to any team that can complete a grueling and brutally tough obstacle course in the arena known as the "Gauntlet". In all his time at the academy, nobody has ever succeeded. Those who try emerge from the trial with looks of horror in their eyes, haunted by the cackling of a tool-wielding electabuzz who some say has taken just one too many shocks...

Sprautt, Jody


Groundskeeper and Botany Teacher - Jody Sprautt By DC

Groundskeeper and Botany teacher
Jody Sprautt is the groundskeeper and botany teacher of the academy. Once upon a time, in college, Jody was a part of a band, "Master Balls." The band did quite well for a few years, with him singing and playing guitar. They would play to full auditoriums and bars, and everybody always cheered the second the band would appear on stage. Unfortunately, a few too many nights of hard rocking and mosh pit brawls caught the attention of some battle promoters and talent agents, and the subsequent offers for the bassist to go pro caused the band to break up and go their separate ways in Jody's final year of college. Jody was crushed, as were his fellow band-mates.
With no more band, he went back to his college major and minor: Botany and Arboriculture, respectively. And it was through his hard work that he managed to land a job as academy groundskeeper, plus a single period teaching botany after saying the right words to the right people. Today, he's somewhat glad to be back with the youth that used to admire his guitar skill and singing voice, not to mention tending to the various flora that adorn the academy's grounds. On the other hand, not quite accustomed being a teacher, he sometimes has trouble keeping up with his own students; many days, sadly, end with him feeling like he's failed his students in some way. His pride in the job, however, has thus far kept him from seeking the advice of any of his academic peers, leaving him with no solution to his troubles teaching.
He still sometimes bitterly laments over losing his old life as an aspiring rock-star, though. He keeps a poster of his old band in his classroom, and his old guitar in his closet. Some nights, said guitar can be heard being played on the grandstand at the outside arena.

Whitetail, Forrest

Assistant Custodian
is the property of Rick Griffin
Forrest Whitetail grew up in a broken home. His parents got a divorce when he was five. Custody was given to his mother, who promptly married an abusive drunk. Forrest often counted the days that he's be able to visit his real father, who was the nicest man he'd ever known.
When he was sixteen, his stepfather became increasingly jealous and thought that Forrest's mother was seeing her ex-husband again. He murdered them both, and was later sentenced to death. Forrest was placed in the custody of his aunt on his mother's side, who was just as poor of a decision maker as his mother was. Forrest dropped out of school before the end of summer.
He got a job as a construction worker, and eventually found the love of his life, and married her. However, he was laid off from his job when the construction company went under. After several weeks of searching, he essentially gave up and started spending his unemployment check on alcohol. His wife left him soon after that.
He was evicted from his apartment, and he wandered around for nearly half a year before he realized he needed to get his life straightened out. He applied for jobs again, and surprisingly, he was offered a job at the Poke-combat Academy under the condition that he attend the AA.
Now he has a job and a respectable life again, but he's often depressed about how things turned out for him in the past and all the mistakes he's made.

Birch, Brian

Student Teacher
is the property of McKenzie Sauder AKA ArcticKiba
Training to one day become a teacher, he was given the privilege to train under the masters at the Pokecombat Academy, his former school. His methods in teaching have easily gotten noticed by his soon-to-be co-workers and his old peers. Always going to work dressed formally, one of his noted quotes is "School is a business, and should be treated as one". This earned a small praise by the new headmaster, who Brian supports to an extent that he doesn't get on the bad side of the other teachers and students.
Brian grew up in a humble environment, just on the outside of Pallet Town. Brothers with Mark Birch, a member of Team Enderz and a PCA student, he is the 'man of the house', as his father is no longer with them. At the age of eleven, he was hugged and patted on the head as his father was leaving on a business trip, the very last one. About five weeks later, he turns the TV on to the news, featuring a suicide jumper, about to go off a waterfall. Quickly, he noted that the jumper was his father and gathered his mother and the younger Mark. They saw him plunge to his doom. Frightened, his mother became a mute for life, he and his bother traumatized for life with a fear of water. Without notice, anonymous donations in large sums came to their door. With this money, Brian payed the tuition to attend PCA, wearing his father's old combat costume and dubbed by his peers as Brian "The Berserker" Birch.
He still keeps the name his old friends gave him, walking down the hall with an air of pride and dignity. He devoted himself to aiding the students in the best way possible, trying hard to keep their attention on him, though keeping the profile of the serious teacher. He is undaunted in means of fright, and strong and quick as the dying rumors of him hold to be.

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