Team Generations

Team Generations is the creation of M. Gabriel, aka Vjohnson

Species Type Sex Role
Duncan Soderman Sudowoodo PCA rock M Primary Defense
Marie Allmon Altaria PCA dragonPCA flying F Primary Support
Tabitha Warren Weavile PCA darkPCA ice F Primary Offense
Rufus Morris Pikachu PCA electric M Team Leader
Philip "Pip" Pirinip Primeape PCA fighting M Alternate

Team Genesis

Team Genesis is the creation of S. Johnson., AKA Tyrannix

Species Type Sex Role
Anubis Lucario PCA fightingPCA steel M Team Leader
Pyre Charizard PCA firePCA flying M Primary Offense
Zephyr Jumpluff PCA grassPCA flying M Team Strategist/Cleric/Annoyer
Sol Latios PCA dragonPCA psychic M Mixed Bag of Tricks

Team Geo

Team Geo is the creation of David D. aka Mad_Ferret

Species Type Sex Role
Sabbath Yokinove Tyranitar PCA rockPCA dark M Leader, Tactition
Hephaestus Smith Rhydon PCA groundPCA rock M Primary Offense, Medic
Vulcan Hassan Aggron PCA steelPCA rock M Primary Defense, Desert Nomad
Kane Nessin Nidoking PCA poisonPCA ground M Area Attacks, Geologist

Team Harmonic Discord

Team Harmonic Discord is the creation of KingdomHeartsKeeper

Species Type Sex Role
Amy Lenne Ephemera Mismagius PCA ghost F Leader (First-in-Command), "Magical" Combatant and Supporter, Spirit Seer, Lead Vocals of her band.
Raul Ak'Notem Lucario PCA fighting PCA steel M Second-in-command, Aura-and-Pulse Specialist, Plays Accoustics in his band, Fan-girl magnet.
Davis Rayento Luxray PCA electric M Physical Combatant, plays primary lead guitar in his band.
Dante Hydyll Houndoom PCA dark PCA fire M Serious Split-Personality, Demonic "Specialist" Fighter, lead vocals in his band and assistance for his teammates' bands.
Crystal Lysia Chimecho PCA psychic F Alternate, Sound-based and Psychic combat, J-Pop Idol, School News Reporter.

Team Junkyard

Team Junkyard is the creation of Shelby S., aka Darkheart One/dh01

Species Type Sex Role
Shore "Edge" Rivers Scizor PCA bugPCA steel M Leader, all-around
Karmalita "Karma" Carapas Heracross PCA bugPCA fighting F Primary/Technical offense
Treori "K-Rush" Gatac Pinsir PCA bug M Primary offense
Penelope "Five" Stern Ledian PCA bugPCA flying F Team support, high-speed offense
Chouko Nakamori Venomoth PCA bugPCA poison F Alternate

Team Nocturne

Team Nocturne is the creation of A. Kae, aka KaeMantis

Species Type Sex Role
Boris Koffinov Koffing PCA poison M Incorrigible pragmatist
Dreamweaver "Weaver" Hipnough Drowzee PCA psychic F Know-it-all mama's girl
Hokori Misdreavus PCA ghost F Snooty Ghost leader
Rapshad Ezekiel "Zeke" Kroo II Zubat PCA poisonPCA flying M The kid with the money

Team One Trick

Team One Trick is the creation of B. Neal, aka Carlito

Species Type Sex Role
Kalim Ibrahil Ponyta PCA fire M Team leader, melee specialist
Raza Ibrahil Ponyta PCA fire M Ranged combat specialist
Dawn Evans Ponyta PCA fire F Tactician, sex appeal
Kristoff Feurhaffe Ponyta PCA fire M Strongmon, support, flirt

Team Reaped

Team Reaped is the creation of Ghost-Otter

Species Type Sex Role
Jack Redfang Zangoose PCA normal M co-leader, spokes person, and equipment expert
Jake Smearasin Smeargle PCA normal M co-leader, tactician, and move expert
Steward Strider Surskit PCA bugPCA water M defense, researcher, and earn boy
Luke Duskin Dusclops PCA ghost M heavy hitter, and health expert

Team Ricochet

Team Ricochet is the creation of Aelius

Species Type Sex Role
Requiem "Wreck" Hanson Absol PCA dark F Team Leader, Investigative Journalist, Anti-Psychic
Lucius Silver Houndoom PCA darkPCA fire M Junior League Veteran & Crowd Control
Alex Christmas Lucario PCA fightingPCA steel M Not sure what he's gotten himself into
Biff Bledsoe Cacturne PCA darkPCA grass M Sadistic Jerk

Team Safari

Team Safari is the creation of E. Barnhart, AKA Rikmach

Species Type Sex Role
Eli of the Blackrock Clan Sneasel PCA darkPCA ice M Team Leader
Hega Heiburg Heracross PCA bugPCA fighting F Offensive Powerhouse
Lina of the Blackrock Clan Ryhorn PCA groundPCA rock F Defensive Support
Twofeather of the Swiftfoot Tribe Doduo PCA flyingPCA normal M Team Second

Team Second Chances

Team Second Chances is the creation of Take Walker

Species Type Sex Role
Overnia N Thousand Infernape PCA firePCA fighting F Leader and Battle Freak
Wally Wiggleson Floatzel PCA water M Fabulous Speedster
Abigail Bon Snovi Abomasnow PCA grassPCA ice F Not-So-Confident Powerhouse
Rolf James Alakazam PCA psychic M Insufferable Special Attacker
Piper Sykunsky Skuntank PCA darkPCA poison M Alternate; Brings Snacks

Team Shellshock

Team Otaku is the creation of J. Rosa Jr., AKA Asuraludu

Species Type Sex Role
Daniel "Danny" Romanoff Squirtle PCA water M Lord of Glitter (Beautician)
Leon Benjamin Squirtle PCA water M Tactician (Tailor)
Mitch Tortelli Squirtle PCA water M Heavy Hitter (Seamstriss and masseuse)
Randal "Raji" Scott Squirtle PCA water M Leader (Beautician)

Team S.P.O.T.

Team Otaku is the creation of Eddy the Okapi

Species Type Sex Role
Edkamino Strongpyre Camerupt PCA firePCA ground F Calm giant?
Sera Kikinu Moontivo Girafarig PCA normalPCA psychic F Ball of Angst?
Shelley Karmamuu Milktank PCA normal F Team Leader
Thomas Dastain Smeargle PCA normal F Annoyance?

Team TroubleBoys

Team TroubleBoys is the creation of A. Kae, aka KaeMantis

Species Type Sex Role
Benjamin "Blister" Snales Slugma PCA fire M Jumpy little smart-ass
Charlie Armstrong Hitmonchan PCA fighting M Walking temper tantrum in a kilt
Tyrone Palmer Exeggutor PCA grassPCA psychic M Team Leader (Ringmaster?)
Walter Sikes Psyduck PCA water M Get that blasted skateboard out of my driveway


Species Type Sex Owner
Avalina Du Barry Persian PCA normal F Jennifer AKA Queen Asheer
Anpu Le Boursier Nidoking PCA poisonPCA ground M Jennifer AKA Queen Asheer
Liang Ben Zhou Hitmontop PCA fighting M B. Neal, AKA Carlito
Sienna Fyre Ponyta PCA fire F Aelius
Rylai Summers Sunflora PCA grass F B. Neal, AKA Carlito
Tessa Ardillo del Relampago Pachirisu PCA electric F B. Neal, AKA Carlito
Vincent Tellamapolou Poliwrath PCA waterPCA fighting M vjohnson
Watifh el-Mateq Lucario PCA fightingPCA steel M Take Walker

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