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Team 16

Team 16 is the creation of J. Rosa Jr., AKA Asuraludu

Species Type Sex Grade Role
Emily Mentel Abra PCA psychic F Sophomore Leader
Nicolas Zuna Nidoran PCA poison M Sophomore Tactician
Nicole Zuna Nidoran PCA poison F Sophomore Heavy Hitter
Sexton Flint Ditto PCA normal M Freshman Support

Team BlackJack

Team BlackJack is the creation of da-end

Species Type Sex Grade Role
Rio Darude Salamence PCA dragonPCA flying M Sophomore Team leader (Striker)
Jewel Falke Typhlosion PCA fire F Sophomore 2nd in command (Tank)
Bryan Lustig Abra PCA psychic M Sophomore Team Strategist (Special Attacker)
Layla Raynard Lapras PCA waterPCA ice F Junior Public Relations (Support)

Team Blitzkrieg

Team Blitzkrieg is the creation of TsukihanaKuro

Species Type Sex Grade Role
Max Blitzkrieg Hitmonchan PCA fighting M Senior Team Leader & Crazy Asshole
Leeroy "Lee" Blitzkrieg Hitmonlee PCA fighting M Junior Silent Bruiser
Victor Blitzkrieg Hitmontop PCA fighting M Sophomore Main Defense
Greg Blitzkrieg Tyrouge (Shiny) PCA fighting M Freshman Sneaky Support

Team Bluebomb

Team Bluebomb is the creation of Bethy Chan

Species Type Sex Grade Role
Ada Magnezone PCA electricPCA steel F Junior Offence
Brutus Gulpin PCA poison M Sophomore Tank
Ludwig Porygon PCA normal M Sophomore Team Leader & Runner
Tacey Whismur PCA normal F Freshman ....?

Team Bounce

Team Bounce is the creation of Zoe Marimasi, AKA Zoe-Chan

Species Type Sex Grade Role
Fiona Woolworth Flaaffy PCA electric F Sophomore Team Leader & Strategy
Faye Papillae Beautifly PCA bugPCA flying F Freshman Aerial Support & Defense
Toby Chicolette Torchic PCA fire M Freshman Offense
Sophia Kittna Skitty PCA normal F Freshman Support

Team Bug Boyz

Team Bug Boyz is the creation of Tymiko

Species Type Sex Grade Role
Matthew Mothim PCA bugPCA flying M Sophomore Team Leader & Stratigest
Janet Yanma PCA bugPCA flying F Sophomore Second in Command & Main Offense
Jasper Yanmega PCA bugPCA flying M Sophomore Main Defence
Look Beautifly PCA bugPCA flying M Freshman Offense
Leer Dustox PCA bugPCA poison M Freshman Support Defence
Benjamin Beedrill PCA bugPCA poison M Junior Support & Mascot

Team Coldstone

Team Coldstone is the creation of SadFatDuck

Species Type Sex Role
Lemon Swirl Jolteon PCA electric F Team Lead and Strategy
Blueberry Swirl Vaporeon PCA water F Primary Manners
Bubblegum Swirl Espeon PCA psychic F Primary Freaky
Licorice Swirl Umbreon PCA dark F Primary Rocker
Cinnamon Swirl Flareon PCA fire F Alternate Hyper
Mint Swirl Leafeon PCA grass F Alternate Sweetheart

Team Fuego

Team Fuego is the creation of K. Durand, AKA KD the Coonbear

Species Type Sex Grade Role
Amanda Allison Cubone PCA ground F Sophomore "Problem Solver"
Caleb Jeremiah "C.J." Stoudemire Torkoal PCA fire M Freshman Ground Support
Ferris Aderyn Dragonite PCA dragonPCA flying M Freshman Aerial Support
Remington Avanti Smeargle PCA normal M Junior Team Leader

Team Girasol

Team Girasol is the creation of c0sm0 AKA duo2nd with Jd345's involvement

Species Type Sex Role
Girasol Reikam Typhlosion PCA fire M Young Team Leader
Pachira Ru Lan Pachirisu (Pink) PCA electric F Secondady Leader
Lamerie Fiora Altaria (Shiny) PCA dragonPCA flying F Female Aerial Ace
Juranos Terranos Torterra PCA grassPCA ground M Strongman
Hydrophy Manaphy PCA water F Alternate Flirt
Rikawa no Ichigo Riolu PCA fighting M Alternate Swordsman

Team Maelstrom

Team Maelstrom is the creation of ViperXV

Species Type Sex Grade Role
Alexander Icali Xatu PCA psychicPCA flying M Senior Team Leader
Sierra Vale Sceptile PCA grass F Junior 2nd in Command, Tactician
Hector Kelran Houndoom PCA darkPCA fire M Junior Primary Fighter
Lauren Yasser Lanturn PCA waterPCA electric F Sophomore Data Collection, Support Fighter

Team Speed Demons

Team Speed Demons is the creation of Iosef I., AKA NovaKrazny

Species Type Sex Grade Role
Galina Baratynsky Manectric PCA electric F Junior Captain, Long Range Support
Clarence Codutti Grovyle PCA grass M Sophomore First Striker
Natalie Alderman Charmeleon PCA fire F Sophomore Brawler
Marcos Azevedo Staryu PCA water M Sophomore Guerilla

Team Tangerine

Team Tangerine is the creation of E. J. L. AKA Rakeesh Sorrel

Species Type Sex Grade Role
Gaston Theophile Golduck PCA water M Junior Runner
Hiapo Mano Machoke PCA fighting M Sophomore Offence
Owen Evans Kangaskhan PCA normal M Senior Offensive Tank
William-Dylan Decloure Golem PCA rockPCA ground M Junior Ranged Support

Team Twilight

Team Twilight is the creation of KingdomHeartsKeeper

Species Type Sex Grade Role
Pachu Kizura Raichu PCA electric M Sophomore Team Leader, Combination Attack Practitioner, Attack and Support, Peace maker
Cain Darson Arcanine PCA fire M Sophomore Primary Physical Powerhouse, Combination Attack Practitioner, Pervert
Richard "Bonz" Marow Marowak PCA ground M Senior (Advanced) Main Defensive Fighter, Mixed Offense, One-year Senior
Joseph León Smeargle PCA normal M Junior Tactical, Far-ranged Fighter, Part Shadow Pokemon, Psychological Warfare

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