The Poke-Combat Academy's campus is located on the western outskirts of Viridian City. Though surrounded by a rural setting, the PCA is still within the city's limits. Most of the surrounding area is owned by large farms and expensive estates, with the farms being furthest away from the city.


The school's history stretches back several hundred years. The school, starting out as a small institution, was relocated to its curent location after expansion was not an option in order to increase the number of students. The original campus, near the center of Viridian City, could not be expanded due to the surrounding office buildings. With some large financial backers, the school placed a bid on a piece of land that would become the new location for the school. The land already contained several buildings from a college which had been forced into bankruptcy. After a fierce bidding war, the school came out victorious and within a few years moved to their new location.
Not wanting to simply destroy the buildings, many were restored with their interiors remodelled in order to accomodate their new uses and the technology that was available. Of course new buildings had to be built in order to accomodate the school's function. These buildings were dessigned to match the older buildings, but have a dinstinctive modern look to them due to their flowing shapes.
The school was not always without it problems and disasters however.
  1. Year -Y - The Great Fire: An incident which cost the lives of several teachers and students, the cause a mystery to this day. A rampaging fire lit in one of the older builders quickly spread to several adjoining buildings. By the time Fire Fighters arrived, several buildings had been burnt to cinders. The school had to close for the remainder of the year, leaving many students without the grades to graduate, though they had been reimbursed a sum of their tuition. After memorial services, the damaged buildings were demolished and rebuilt, except for the clock tower. Despite several attempts to demolish it, the tower would always reappear damaged. It would be several months before ghosts claimed the building as a dormitory.
  2. Year -Y - The Battle Schools Strike: After a change of regulations for battle schools, many school boards deamed it necessary to eliminate the combat portion of their curiculumn. The gutsier ones took a stand, and they went on strike. A massive scale strike by all staff at all schools under those school boards who dared. It was three weeks before the regulations would be reverted, the longest strike on record that affected battle schools.


The school covers many acres with many buildings, new and old, that are used as classrooms.
The campus itself is covered mostly in lush green grasses, lovingly pruned gardens, and large ancient looking trees. Amongst these are paved foothpaths dotted with benches, lighting, and the occasional covered group seating and tables.
At the centre of campus is the newly renovated Administration Building. Standing 5 stories tall, the building houses not only office space for the staff, but also student services. The central building is connected directly by two enclosed walkways that span the majority of the campus, thus dividing it into two halves, north and south.
  1. First Floor: cafeteria, the student council office, and the bookstore.
  2. Second Floor: Library level 1, staff offices
  3. Third Floor: Library level 2, staff offices, general presentation room
  4. Fourth Floor: Library level 3, staff offices, formal meeting room
  5. Fifth Floor: Library level 4, Headmaster's office, private meeting room.
The enclosed walkways are suspended at the second story level, with a partialy covered walkway beneath it that also branches off to other foothpaths.
The schools houses one official arenas, and one unoficial.
  • The Taylor-Gates Arena: A state of the art battle facility, the largest in the Kanto region owned by a private institution. The large building stands out from the other buildings on campus due to its large size. The arena's semi-domed roof is fitted with reinforced skylights that can be sealed shut in case of unfavourable weather conditions. In addition to the main battle area, the arena houses training facilities, a medical ward, and post workout facilities.
In case of emergency, the arena sports a generator and emergency storage and equipment that can house the entire student body.
  • The Lillis Memorial Arena: The original gymnasium. It was renovated and used as the main battle arena for years until the T-G Arena was completed. It is a covered arena, very similar to the average high school gym except that its slightly larger.
  • The James Zoppi Stadium: Another original gymnasium named for the PCA founder. This arena is open aired, much like a football field.
  • The Aqua Pools: The unofficial fourth arena is the school's pool pavillion. It is often used by battlers training for a water environment. The pavillion contains a large outdoor pool, a smaller indoor pool, and a proper circular pool used for battles.
The school also contains fields for non-combat sports. Although the school does not focus on these as other non-combat schools do.

The grounds of the academy are arranged somewhat like a wagon wheel. The hub is the main administration building, a large three-story building that houses the offices of the administrative staff, the school's cafeteria, commons area, main bookstore, library, and other such features that need to be centrally-located. A large parking lot is located in front of the administration building, divided into sections for visitors, staff, and students. There are smaller parking facilities located here and there around the campus as well. On the grounds to the right of the main administration building is a small memorial garden with a monument dedicated to students and faculty who have passed away while attending or employed by the academy.

The academic buildings radiate out from this central hub. The "spokes" of the wheel are walkways, some covered, some not, that lead to these academic buildings. There are two indoor hallways that stretch out to the left and right of the main hub. The hallway to the right leads to the main battle arena, the hallway to the left leads to the secondary arena. Spaced at intervals along these indoor hallways are walkways that cross perpendicular to the hallways and allow for easier passage from the northern to the southern halves of the campus. The school's more modern, physically-oriented classrooms are located at the edge of the "wheel", while the older, red-bricked academic buildings are closer to the main hub. The entire campus, when viewed from the sky, bears a slight resemblance to a pokeball.

Although battle is the main focus of the academy there are a number of facilities devoted to other educational pursuits. The academy trains its students in all aspects of the battle arena, not just in the battles themselves. Education includes such things as management, promotion, broadcasting, health and medicine, and a variety of other pursuits. Although these programs aren't as popular as the battle classes, those students that choose to focus on the non-battle aspects of the academy are generally treated well by their fellow students, who realize that a champion needs a good team of well-trained specialists behind them.

Located about a quarter to a half of a mile away from the campus are several dormitories to house those students from out of town. The dorms range from a few old-fashioned buildings that were left over from the liberal arts college days to more recently-built apartment-style buildings. The dorms are divided into buildings for males and females, there are no co-ed dorms. Although the old style dorms lack some of the "creature comforts" of the newer ones, they are regarded as something of a status symbol and are almost exclusively populated by senior and junior level students. These dorms are located on the other side of a small wood that surrounds the northern side of the campus and are connected to the main campus by a few well-lit walkways. While these dormitories are owned by the academy and subject to their rules and regulations, they are not considered a part of the campus proper.

Poke Combat Academy
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