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Torress, Mr.

PCA Head Chemistry Teacher - Emblem Torress

PCA Head Chemistry Teacher - Emblem Torress By Jennifer C. AKA Queen Asheer

Head Chemistry Teacher
Emblem Torress is a creation by Jennifer AKA Queen Asheer
Going through his college years and completing college despite his blindness. Finishing his classes in both Chemistry and Teaching, he soon went on to trying to become a teacher for the PCA. It took him a few years, several times having to work his way through getting in because of his defect but he managed to become a full time Chemistry Teacher in the school. Taking in the time of being a teacher there, as a blessing because his dreams had been such a mountainous journey for him. And, the harder it got the more he tried to achieve.
Spending his years in the PCA, he had slowly worked on helping the students. Knowing that when he was a student himself the teacher would occasionally play music for the students to concentrate better. However, he only plays music for the students when they behave. And he brings Favian, his Seeing-Eye Growlithe in as extra help for keeping the students under control. The canine being his personal way of keeping the students in check, one bark can make the class fall into silence so they can work on the assignments given.

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