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Team Black & White

Team Black & White is the creation of Take Walker

Species Type Sex Role
Clancey Silvermon Metang PCA steelPCA psychic M De facto leader
Dundee "Dunne" Milligan Meditite PCA fightingPCA psychic M Physical offense
Ute Äbsolaa Absol PCA dark M Tactician, physical sweeper
Yu-Shin Äbsolaa Absol PCA dark F Jammer, intimidation

Team Blackhearts

Team Blackhearts is the creation of Jennifer Marie Crenshaw AKA Queen Asheer

Species Type Sex Role
Jenny Coleridge Ninetails(Shiny) PCA fire F Team Leader
Zephir Petsha Absol PCA dark M Tactician/Second in Command
Montel Alvin Burke Magcargo (Shiny) PCA fire/PCA rock M Heavy Offense/Powerhouse
Xuor Blanchard Arcanine PCA fire M Minor Offense

Team Doom

Team Doom is the creation of B. Neal, aka Carlito

Species Type Sex Role
Marcus Hellbourne Houndoom PCA darkPCA fire M Team Leader, Would-be Dark Overlord
Lorna Frost Dewgong PCA waterPCA ice F Ranged Offense & Disruption
Faran Kane Blaziken PCA firePCA fighting M Melee Offense
Lorissa Fernacio Lairon PCA steelPCA rock F Tank, Back-up Offense

Team Green

Team Green is the creation of S. Howard, aka Tamar the Ebonyleopard

Species Type Sex Role
Pugie Mudkip PCA water M Defense
Tori Combusken PCA fire M Offence
Treanna Treecko PCA grass F Strategist & Support
Zap Pikans Raichu PCA electric M Team Leader & Offence

Team Indigo

Team Indigo is the creation of Aelius

Species Type Sex Role
Tesla "Storm" Veo Jolteon PCA electric M Team Leader, Offensive Specialist, & Surfer Extraordinaire
Blaze O'Connor Ninetales PCA fire F Strategist & Brooding Enigma
Stiletto Versa Sandslash PCA ground F Bruiser & Shredder
Neon Eos Dragonair PCA dragon F Wildcard

Team Insecticide

Team Insecticide is the creation of Kane Penchant

Species Type Sex Role
Kane "Scatterfool" Penchant Krickitune PCA bug M Leader, strategist & musician
Xion Buzly Ninjask PCA bugPCA flying M Offense & fright
Samuel Cosford Anorith PCA rockPCA bug M Defense
Europe Vey Butterfree PCA bugPCA flying F Status inflicter & weaponry expert

Team Jet

Team Jet is the creation of B. Neal, aka Carlito

Species Type Sex Role
Methelza Muma Misdreavus PCA ghost F Support, Disruption, & Creepiness
Mitzi Fiera Growlithe PCA fire F Bubbly Pyromaniac
Nicole Blackclaw Meowth PCA normal F Team Leader, Strategist, & Evil Mastermind
Tenebra Blackclaw Mightyena PCA dark F All-Around Ass Kicking

Team Kismet

Team Kismet is the creation of A. Kae, aka KaeMantis

Species Type Sex Role
Charity Ruhk Chansey PCA normal F Team Leader who obviously has to do everything around here
Ishtar Nidolander Jynx PCA icePCA psychic F Kanto's sweetheart
Kenjiro "Kreep" Kudzu Carnivine PCA grass M Tweedle Dum
Rupert Snales Magcargo PCA firePCA rock M Tweedle Dummer

Team Sandstream

Team Sandstream is the creation of ViperXV

Species Type Sex Role
Shrina Serrin Sandslash PCA ground F Team Leader, Tactician
Eric Zarrin Nidoking PCA poisonPCA ground M 2nd in Command, Offensive Fighter
Sara Dreyton Garchomp PCA dragonPCA ground F Strike Fighter, Opportunist
Darius Gaer Swampert PCA waterPCA ground M Defensive Fighter

Team Sikkboyz

Team Sikkboyz is the creation of Shelby S., aka Darkheart One/dh01

Species Type Sex Role
Rex "Wrex" Bilgh Muk PCA poison M Leader, All-Around Hate Engine
Louis "Grin" Hopper Toxicroak PCA poisonPCA fighting M Educated Hands, Prodigious Loins
Emmanuel "Sting" O'Worren Tentacruel PCA waterPCA poison M Field Control, Idle Sadomasochism
Fernando "Face" Rosamunde Roserade PCA grassPCA poison M Evil Vizier Alt, Massive Flamer
Amanda "Munch" Mastic Swalot PCA poison F All-Around Fighter, Occasional Head-Swallower

Team Storm Shadow

Team Storm Shadow is the creation of ViperXV

Species Type Sex Role
Merek Rilton Kadabra PCA psychic M Team Leader
Ruben Sirret Murkrow PCA darkPCA flying M 2nd in Command, Tech Specialist
Kira Drezden Scyther PCA bugPCA flying F Strategist
Kyle Weston Kabutops PCA rockPCA water M Primary Fighter

Team Summit

Team Summit is the creation of A. Kae, aka KaeMantis

Species Type Sex Role
Albrecht Arnaaluk Articuno PCA icePCA flying M Team Leader and Student Council Mucky-Muck
Gweneth Li Glalie PCA ice F Tempestuous snowball
Snoseppe Georgio

"Snowy Gorgeous"

Abomasnow PCA grassPCA ice M The cute one
Tuscany Plio Mamoswine PCA groundPCA ice F Meat shield

Team Totem

Team Totem is the creation of David D. AKA Mad_Ferret

Species Type Sex Role
Daniel Bakker Armaldo PCA rockPCA bug M Tank
Cusick Catahecassa Tauros PCA normal M Main Offense
David Oniden Cradily PCA rockPCA grass M Defender
Joseph Raija Raichu PCA electric M Ranged attacker

Team Tsuki

Team Tsuki is the creation of TsukihanaKuro

Species Type Sex Role
Agni Atsui Infernape PCA firePCA fighting M Team Leader/Main Offense & Cool Headed
Demeter Blackrose Roserade PCA grassPCA poison F Quirky Team Support
Phailin Lien Lucario PCA fightingPCA steel F Sadistic All-Rounder
Aphrodite Naito Gardevoir PCA psychic F Cold & Calculating Tactician

Team White

Team White is the creation of Rick Griffin

Species Type Sex Role
Jenna Pikachu PCA electric F Runner & Support
Rick "Fuzzball" Furret PCA normal M Team Leader & Offence
Rick "Chindy" Typhlosion PCA fire M Tank
Xavier Vaporeon PCA water M ....?


Species Type Sex Owner
Eric DeLane Linoone PCA normal M B. Neal, AKA Carlito
Edward "Eddie" Ulani Fanemanuloka Donphan PCA ground M B. Neal, AKA Carlito
Gilligan "Gill" Mesh Shuckle PCA bugPCA rock M Darkheart One
Sherilyn Voltaire Manectric PCA electric F B. Neal, AKA Carlito
Desuke Gengar PCA ghostPCA poison M Jose Perez, A.K.A. KingdomHeartsKeeper

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