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Magnemite, Magnum T.

Player: Colley

Position: Teachers' Union Representative, World History, "The Fighters Heart" Elective, Coach for Team Nightmare

Species: Magnemite

Sex: Male


In ages past, long before the Academy was conceived, before civilization, before pokemon had even become 'morphs, the world flourished in a simpler age of Pokemon. It was during this time that four Magnemite brothers were born. Together, they would explore the world, learning all that they could about it, inseparable. Alas, one day, an accident befell the youngest of the brothers, Magnum, leaving him unable to evolve. As the brothers got older, Magnum could only watch proudly as his older siblings joined together to become a Magneton, but unable to join them.

Time passed, and Magnum watched as the world around him changed. Pokemon got older, and died, and his family was no exception. Magnum could only comfort his brothers as their bodies degraded, and they shut down forever, yet Magnum himself did not seem to be growing older at all. As other species around him began to change in ways beyond just normal evolutions, Magnum remained the same. He found it all to be rather fascinating - he got to learn more about the societies forming, how they interacted with one another.

He watched tribes of pokemorphs build towns, which grew into cities, which fell in wars and were rebuilt bigger. He saw civilizations rise and crumble, and new civilizations rise higher upon their ruins. He witnessed the birth of mathematics, the development of philosophy, the steady growth of science, and the sudden explosion of technology.

Using his knowledge and powers, Magnum created magnetically controlled bodies that would allow him to blend in with these new worlds. With it, he was able to interact with them, make new friends, and integrate himself into age after age. He debated with great philosophers, studied with the scholars throughout history, fought along side those who would become legends, and helped protect the helpless in the Skarmony War of 1032. Though he lost a few bodies, he was always able to build new ones.

When work was complete on the Pokemon Combat Academy, he joined on as an instructor, now going by the name Professor Magnum. It was here that he met, and fell in love with, Mrs. Esmerelda Morgue. He was never able to act upon these feelings, alas, as Morgue was already married. Together though, along Ekewaka, and "Buster," they formed the Academy’s top faculty team, Team Conductor. The team came to a tragic end in the Great Fire, in which his lovely Esmerelda died.

Unable to stand the loss of Esmerelda, Magnum set off into the world once more, not to return for over a century. When he did, the current faculty assumed he was merely a relative of the original Professor Magnum, long thought to have died in the Great Fire as well.


Professor Magnum tends to be rather odd, according to his students. There are times where he seems to be manipulative, like playing a game of chess without a chessboard, while other times he seems like he's got a few screws loose. One thing they do know for sure is that he's rather dedicated to making sure they live up to their fullest potential. To be his friend is to have an ally for life, to be his enemy is ... well, you're really better off not going that far.

He can be very secretive at times, only revealing information when he feels someone HAS to know it. This can be a bit troublesome to those in his plans.

Ryder, DaShawndra

Take Walker

Position: Civics

Species: Rapidash (shiny)

Sex: Female

Age: 29

DaShawndra was always a rebel, always an idealist. Her young life was spent trying to set out on her own from under the wing of a rich and protective father. When she got her education degree, she immediately went against her father's suggestions of lucrative positions at top schools in the region to try helping underprivileged and at-risk kids in the slums. But after one big, complication, she was forced to leave. Luckily, she was given a second chance here at the PCA, and she will not let the mistakes of the past stop her.

Whichway, Alexander Agustus

Player: Asuraludu

Position: Professor of Global Studies

Species: claydol

Sex: Male

Age: "I'm old. Why ask for specifics?"


He was there when Socratese drank his poison. He was there when Shakespearow opened at the Globe theater, and he watched in terror as Pokemopolis fell. Alexander has lived a rather long life and has traveled much of the world, and is more than willing to share his knowledge as an educator of the students at PCA.

Alexander was born over a thousand or so years ago, and has been many things from a farmer to soldier, to explorer, and even the owner of a graveyard that was very popular with ghost types. Throughout it all, he has never lost his "can do" attitude. He is very fond of his toga, and wears it no matter what the current fashions of the decade may be. The reasons behind the sentiment are a mystery to all but himself.

When his students call him old school, they are not trying to be cheeky. Prof. Whichway is a big fan of Forum style education. He informs his students on what chapters need to be read as homework, and will spend the rest of the class time as open discussion. There are no taboo topics with him, and he is known to spend days in discussion until every possible avenue of conversation has been exhausted. He will even argue with himself at times, which many of the students find to be most entertaining. Some have made it a point of intrest to pit one face against another in intellectual combat.

Prof. Whichway has been a widower 4 times (all but 1 died of old age), and at this point is not interested in looking for number 5. He holds celebrations on each of their anniversaries that are open to any well-wishers. Each theme unique to that wife's tastes and culture.


"I do not consider myself older than the hills. I considermyself fortunate enough to be able to say I knew those mountains when they were still pebbles asking for advice."

Prof. Whichway is very energetic for one his age, and can be one part pestering chatter box to two parts wise old hermit. Whichway acts like a man going through a midlife crisis. He feels his age creeping up on him, but still enjoys the battles and will gladly say "I'll take you on." to any youngster that gives him lip.

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