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Team Awesome

Team Awesome is the creation of Kasedilla

Species Type Sex Role
Felicity Westerberg Prinplup PCA water F Team Leader/Main Offense
Cassia Levendakis Cradily PCA grassPCA rock F Main Defense/Supporting Offense
Supampantuwongse "Sushi" Kugler-Siam Kirlia PCA psychic F Annoyer/Support
Uma Bissette Gloom PCA grassPCA poison F Main Annoyer

Team Dawn

Team Dawn is the creation of David D. aka Mad_Ferret

Species Type Sex Role
Angel Seria Togetic PCA normalPCA flying M The Seraph (Indirect combat)
Michael Elezzo Manectric PCA electric M The Knight (Physical Attacker)
Cirrus Beaucraft Altaria PCA dragonPCA flying M The Troubadour (Waller)
Oracle Beaumont Gardevoir PCA psychic F The Maiden (Special Attacker)

Team H.F.S.

Team H.F.S. is the creation of Take Walker

Species Type Sex Role
Lapsong "Song" Suchong Bayleef PCA grass F Team Leader and Defensive Support
Johnny Peekow Numel PCA firePCA ground F Offensive Wall
Demetria Darjeeling Drapion PCA poisonPCA dark F Specialized Offense
Bobby Grey Primeape PCA fighting F Berzerker

Team Krimson

Team Krimson is the creation of B. Neal, aka Carlito

Species Type Sex Role
Dominic Ardillo del Relampago Pachirisu PCA electric M Team Leader & Ranged Offense
Neva Oscardreja Sneasel PCA darkPCA ice F Support, Disruption, & Attitude
Skylar Ferrotti Skarmory PCA flyingPCA steel F Party in a Can
Gavin Rosedale Roselia PCA grassPCA poison M Support, Defense, & More Attitude
Vali Polihronis Gardevoir PCA psychic F Alternate, Melee Offense, Disruption
Zachary Gircoli Girafarig PCA normalPCA psychic M Alternate, Defense, Disruption

Team Lotus

Team Lotus is the creation of David D. aka Mad_Ferret

Species Type Sex Role
Volke Vennoir Toxicroak PCA poisonPCA fighting M The Dirty Fighter
Stefan Beaumont Gallade PCA psychicPCA fighting M The Gentleman
Vash Fuungii Breloom PCA grassPCA fighting M The Ninja
Matthew Forella Grovyle PCA grass M The Eye Candy

Team Showtime

Team Showtime is the creation of K. Durand, AKA KD the Coonbear

Species Type Sex Role
Eddie Bischoff Jr. Persian PCA normal M Team Leader/Support
Jenny Cooper Glaceon PCA ice F Support
Raphael Cuneo Vulpix PCA fire M Main Offence
Vanessa Whateley Purugly PCA normal F Backup Offence

Team Splash

Team Splash is the creation David D. Aka Mad_Ferret

Species Type Sex Role
Bruno Matautia Poliwrath PCA waterPCA fighting M The big fat party animal
Gus Reison Walrein PCA icePCA water M The big softy
Kent Reison Kingdra PCA waterPCA dragon M Leader and Sniper
Jacob Carson Slowking PCA waterPCA psychic M Mischievous Little Cutie-pie
Geoffrey Carson Slowbro PCA waterPCA psychic M Big, huggable Lug and Alt.

Team Turquoise

Team Turqoise is the creation of

Species Type Sex Role
Ibtisam "Sam" al-Scycura Scyther PCA bugPCA flying F ....?
Rahne Lapries Lapras PCA icePCA water F ....?
Reynard "Rene" Vulpes Vulpix PCA fire M ....?
Romano Gligax Gligar PCA flyingPCA ground F ....?

Team Untitled

Team Untitled is the creation of Chupi the Terrible and Jazzfox"

Species Type Sex Role
Penny Cartego Scizor PCA bugPCA steel F Offensive Tanker/Sub-Commander
Sarah Khanna Kangaskhan PCA normal F Team Leader/Offense
Faith Sumisu Vulpix PCA fire F Alternate/Support
Pike Supiaa Beedrill PCA bugPCA poison M Tactical Offense
Ross Wells Stunky PCA poisonPCA dark M Disruption


Species Type Sex Owner
Oswald Jenkins Octillery PCA water M Jennifer AKA Queen Asheer
Maggie MacMullen Magnemite PCA electricPCA steel G Take Walker

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