There are, in fact, several boards which affect the PCA. First is the Board of Directors, which includes the headmaster and the department heads. Second is the School Board, which governs rules and regulations about how the schools under their jurisdiction must function. And lastly is the World Board of Battling, a government division which oversees basic rules and regulations that must be complied by school districts in order to be allowed to train students in battling.

PCA - Board of Directors

  • Headmaster - Darius Aubtraum
Headmaster Aubtraum co-created by EbonyLeopard, Kompy and Melfice

PCA - School Board

Iris St. Shaymin

  • Shaymin
  • Board Charimon
creation of KaeMantis

Aethelthrith "Aethe" Arnaaluk

  • Articuno
  • Student Safety Regulations Advisor
is the creation of A. Kae, aka Kae Mantis and N. Trujillo, aka Kompy/Ceegee

Gene Dasn

  • Deoxys
  • Regulations and Statutes Lawyer - On retainer
is the creation of N. Trujillo, aka Kompy/CeeGee

Nikkal Delalune

  • Cresselia
  • Former Board Representative (Currently Vice-Principal at the Poke-Combat Acdemy)
is the creation of N. Trujillo, aka Kompy/Ceegee

Phoebe Altomare

  • Latias
  • Financial Consultant
is the creation of N. Trujillo, aka Kompy/CeeGee

Phoebus Altomare

  • Latios
  • Financial Consultant
is the creation of N. Trujillo, aka Kompy/CeeGee

Poke Combat Academy
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