The following is a list of some of the various bands and musicians in the PCA-verse.

Moonstone Killers

One of the top ranking and most influential heavy metal bands of the past 20 years, Moonstone Killers has proven time and time again to be an unstoppable force in the music biz. With such hits as "Briefcase Bitchslap," "Hyperbeam to the Face," "Galactic Metal" (A 40+ minute instrumental), and providing the score for the "Missed Turn" horror movie series, the band has shown no signs of slowing down these days.

The band has a yearly tradition of trying to do an impromptu concert on the roof of the PCA dorms at the end of the summer breaks, but has yet to ever get a single note played before security stops them.

  • Bass Mustaine (Shiny Wigglytuff) founded the band, and serves as lead singer. Known for his thick glasses, bald head, and super long goatee, Bass serves as the ring leader, despite being the shortest one in the band. He is currently married to long time wife (And Space Station crew member), Tena Mustaine. They have one daughter, Treble, who is currently attending the PCA.
  • Sammy Phu'quin Alto (Lucario) serves as the bass guitar player. Being part steel type, Sammy is literally the most metal member in the group. He and Bass seem to have an younger/older brother-type relationship. During live concerts, he's been known to play an improv solo, lasting upwards of 20 minutes, while the rest of the band takes a break.
  • D Major (Zigzagoon) plays lead guitar, and is a bit on the heavy side. Sarcastic and quick witted, he'd rather be in the dressing room drinking a beer than having to deal with everyone else's BS. D currently also serves as the official spokesmon for Whoobeer and Johto Fried Torchicken.
  • Brambles Fortissimo (Buneary) on rhythm guitar has said to hell with evolving, and plans to avoid becoming a Lopunny if it's the last thing he does. With a smoke in his mouth, and large yardstick (dubbed "Stupid Stick" for whacking dummies) on his back, Brambles serves as second-in-command when Bass isn't around.
  • Sharp Karlov (Snorlax) is the drummer, and a really big one at that. No one really knows much about Karlov, other than he's one of the world's greatest drummers and speaks with a russian accent. Karlov is by far the powerhouse of the band. Whenever the band has been escorted away by police of security, the officers usually find themselves being dragged by Karlov to the nearest bar.

There are also those associated with the band.

  • Vik Barritone (Pichu) is the band's manager. Pichus evolve when they are at their happiest, and Vik has yet to achieve that in his service with the band. Whether it is the band all using Rain Dance to give the ladies in the crowd wet t-shirts, bailing them out of jail, or simply putting up with their antics in general, Vik tends to find himself more stresed out than happy. However, the band fully respects him, and considers him one of "the boys." For Vik though, this just means that he doesn't get the brunt of their shenanigans.
  • Mac Crescendo (Ivysaur) heads up the group's security team. He and the Mixed Nuts Security Crew do their best to keep order (or something close to it) whever the band goes. Mac and Sammy have been best buds since college, and it was his expert use of Razor Leaf that landed him the job in the band. Seeing as how he pretty much keeps them alive, the band tends to not make Mac a target too much when they feel like messing with people.
  • Tena Mustaine (Clefable) is Bass' wife, and head of research on the International Space Station. She and Bass met in the beginning days of the band's career, and it was her encouragement that got them to take the audition that landed them their first recording contract. Though some question why a scientist like her would marry a rocker like Bass, there hasn't been a day yet that Tena has regretted her choice. Though she and Bass are seperated a lot due to their jobs, they more than make up for it when the chance presents itself. (Due to Bass' extreme cheerfulness on these occasions, the band has taken precautions to keep Bass from writing or recording ANY music until him and his wife are once more apart. out of fear of him taking the band in "new directions.")

Vendor Thrash

One of the most popular punk bands in the world Vendor Thrash began it's humble start as four Pokemorphs who couldn't get ahead in other fields. Banding together and writing about the pain and anger they felt about being looked down on because of their species, the bands music soon caught on with like minded individuals. Exploding on to radio with their first hit Storage Box Pain the band soon caught on with larger and larger audiences. With their rising fame the band soon churned out their second album, Don't Wanna be Caught, to huge commercial success. Many of the bands early fans have accused them of selling out for fortune and fame, and while the quartet would have a hard time arguing that point they'll just console themselves with their legions of fans and adoration.

  • Vinnie "Tail Whip" Taylor (Rattata) on rhythm guitar and lead singer. Known for his fierce vocals and penchant for bitting things in half as part of the act. Has the scars to prove it.

  • Gerry "Scratch" Munsen (Sentret) on lead guitar and back up vocals. Awesome shredding on the strings, but also known for being lazy as all get out and playing half his concerts in a chair.

  • Ziggy "Headbutt" Salazar (Zigzagoon) on bass guitar. Cannot sit still and constantly has his hands moving as if playing his guitar...or getting in trouble as his wandering hands find targets.

  • Dexter "Rollout" Pointer (Bidoof) on drums. The round mound of the drumsticks and known to finish off a buffet spread on his own. Sometimes has to Rollout just to get to his drum kit.

New Genesis

  • Phil Surge McCollins (Luxio) New Genesis's percussionist and lead vocalist. He is well known for his high-pitched nasal twang when singing. Behind the drumkit since he was 4, he has evolved into one of the greatest drummers in the world.

He specializes in electronic kits, and plays extremely elaborate compositions.

  • Domini "Domi" Banter (Banette) The quiet keyboardist, Domini is a remarkable keyboard player. His talents range from the full-sized pipe organ to the very strange instrument, Hurdy-Gurdy.

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