These are created when ordering books for ‘Dawson’s Shelf Ready’. Cataloguers will download a record from the Talis Union catalogue. If there are problems with the downloaded record – for example, you are not sure that the record actually matches the book - an order report will need to be created. This will alert cataloguers when the book is received that there is something wrong with the record and it needs extra attention.

  • When handing the paper order slip back to acquisitions (Jacinta) so that she can create the orders, ask her to return the slip back to you AFTER the order has been created.
  • In Talis go to acquisitions/orders
  • Open up the record (type in the control no. or the LK number, then press F9)
  • Go to the ‘report’ tag and click on the symbol of a magnifying glass.
  • Go to the ‘last report date box’. Click on the magnifying glass. If a report is already there click ‘add new’.
  • Put in PC or CS into the report box.
    • Type ’’PC’’ for records which can be checked by cataloguing assistants (Irene & Nuala). These are records which need subject headings or page numbers added or typing errors tidied up.
    • Type ‘’CS’’ for records to be checked by a cataloguing librarian (Justine). These are records which have muliple errors or missing fields or lack a classmark.
  • Save

If you have information that you which to be kept until the book comes in, e.g. what you think the problem is, put this on a piece of paper, with the bibliographic information about the book, and place it on the PC/CS trolley beside Justine.

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