PC Principal is a character in South Park. He was initially the main antagonist of Season 19, until it was revealed that he was a pawn in the grand scheme of things.


PC Principal was first introduced in Season 19's first episode, Stunning and Brave, where he replaced Principal Victoria, who got fired beforehand. PC Principal enforces stricter policies with his PC bros, a group of politically correct individuals that actively goes around checking someone else's privileges.

He would occasionally call out a student named "Leslie Meyers", who kept talking to other students in class.

Despite his aggressive short-tempered attitude, he is capable of feeling sympathetic to people like Cartman when he got body-shamed on Twitter, and actively wants to help him out, but not without punishing other students with 2 weeks of detention if they refused to cooperate with his wishes to help Cartman out.

Eventually, it was revealed that Leslie Meyers was actually the main villain, and was manipulating PC Principal and his group for a sinister corporate scheme to wipe out the lower classes of mankind. PC Principal confronts Leslie by expelling her from his school, before punching her to death right in the face. At the end of the season, PC Principal chooses to stay in South Park, pledging his new goal; which is to properly confront all the bias and bigotry in the world from that point onwards.


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