Welcome to the PL-Power mini wiki at Scratchpad!

You can use the box below to create new pages for this mini-wiki. Make sure you type [[Category:PL-Power]] on the page before you save it to make it part of the PL-Power wiki (preload can be enabled to automate this task, by clicking this link and saving that page. Afterwards, you may need to purge this page, if you still see this message).

Welcome to the PL-Power mini-wiki! I already knew that the wiki couldn't get more than 10 editors, and I'm already managing 2 wikis, and I didn't want to do all that watching/waiting to get the wiki, and it's sort of private, and it won't be that long, and it'll probably be short-lived, and didn't have time to authorize it officially nor would I want to wait that long; so I made this a scratchpad-wiki!

PLPers unite in this mini-wiki about the history of our board! PL-Power is the forum I solely administrate ever since our great leader and founder known as our dear Doctor (not Who) left it in my care when I requested to restore it. Haou Yubel, Toa of Everything is our Police enforcer (not a Vahki) and we respect him dearly. ALL PRAISE PL-POWER!

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