Model number: PMW-MS-02 Code name: Revenant Unit type: Experimental Special Operations Mobile Suit Manufacturer: MARI Operator: Yaith Auben Accommodation: Pilot only, in semi-panoramic 180 degree monitor Dimensions: Overall height 26.4 meters, head height 22.0 meters Weight: empty 46 metric tons; max gross 75 metric tons Construction: Phase Shift Armor Powerplant: ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown Propulsion: 4x 49,200kg, 2x 30,800kg, 4x, 10,800kg; Vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 38 Performance: maximum thruster acceleration 4.0G Sensor Range: sensor range 28,000 meters Equipment and design features: VPS (Variable Phase-Shift), Mirage Colloid Virus Spreader, MIS (Mind Integration System), DRAGOON System

Fixed Armament: 2x Beam Saber, stored in leg compartment, hand carried in use; 2x 90mm machinecannons, mounted in head; 2x hadpoints, mounted on hips, 2x hardpoints, mounted on back; 4x heat knife, 2 mounted on each foot bottom; 2x E-Pac, mounted on hip Hardpoints

Optional Fixed Armament: 1x Grappling Claw (1x 120mm Grenade Launcher, 1 shot reload), mounted on right arm, ejectable; 3x Low-Powered Beam Cannons, mounted on left arm, ejectable; 1x Full Body Lightwave Shield, mounted on left arm; 1x Anti-Beam Coated Sword, stored between tri-barreled beam cannons;

Optional Hand Armament: 1x 110mm Assault Rifle, hand carried in use; 1x Minichi Drill, hand carried in use; 1x Regular-Issued Beam Rifle, hand carried in use.

Remote Armaments: 4x Reflector DRAGOONs, mounted on back, de-attached when used.

MIS (Mind Integration System) – A piece of technology designed to work in tandem with the processing ability of a coordinator’s mind, and that of the pilot’s operating system in his or her mobile suit. What this does, is effectively let the pilot make corrections or changes to the operating system and it’s many functions with his or her mind, without the use of limbs, so in the middle of a battle, the pilot will not be reaching around for different conrols while in the heat of battle. This is set up for a coordinator for the main reason, that they can both process the information changed to the suit, as well as effectively fighting the enemy, though slightly lagged, due to the attention given to the system, but not a noticeable lag. This system was designed to work with both the DRAGOON System as well as the Virus Spreader, to make it easier to control enemy units, as well as allied units should the need come. Using the DRAGOON system to make it easier to control the movements, while the virus spreader allows for clean and easy hacking into an enemy's OS.

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