Warp Drive : (High-demand - requires top priority)
- Various internal Sub-systems.
Impulse Drive : (Medium-demand)
- Various internal Sub-systems.
Megaphasers : (Medium-demand)
-Various internal Sub-systems
Intermittent : (Moderate-demand)
- Deflector Screens
- Force Field Shields
- Maneuvering Thrusters
- Phasers
- Propulsion Thrusters
- Tractor Beam
Stand-by Power Grid : (Moderate-demand, all Systems not normally powered up simultaneously)
- Long range Sensors
- Navigational Sensors
- Photon Torpedo Launch Bays
- Real-space Transceivers
- Sub-space Transceivers
- Transporters
Constant Power Grid : (Low-demand, all Systems normally running simultaneously).
- Antimatter Containment Bottles
- Bridge
- Computer Core and Peripheral Systems
- Hangar Bay Systems
- Intercom Systems
- Life-Support Systems
- Replicators
- Sickbay Complex
- Turbo lift Systems


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