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Mains : (Matter/Antimatter Reactor-Intermix Shaft coupled with Main Energizer)
- Maximum Output 2.4 petajoules/second
(2,400,000,000,000,000 joules/second)
- Capable of supplying all Power Grids and Systems at 100% full power.
Auxiliary : (Deuterium/Tritium Fusion Reactor coupled with Secondary Energizer)
- Maximum Output 1.4 terajoules/second
(1,400,000,000,000 joules/second)
- Capable of supplying all but the Warp Drive Propulsion System at nominal power levels. Some Stand-by and Constant Systems may require temporary power reduction in order to power-up an Intermittent System.
Battery : (Cold-fusion Storage Cells throughout the ship)
- Maximum Output 10 gigajoules/second
(10,000,000,000 joules/second)
- Capable of maintaining Stand-By and Constant Systems at various reduced levels. Some of these may require shutting down to guarantee power to others.


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