• Cast
  • Penny(The Rescuers)-Bubbles
  • Princess Eilowny(The Black Cauldron)-Buttercup
  • Kida Nedakh(Atlantis:The Lost Empire)-Blossom
  • Chernabog(Fantasia)-Him
  • Syndrome(The Incredibles)-Mojo Jojo
  • Philoctetes(Hercules)-Fuzzy Lumpkins
  • Jim Crow(Dumbo)-Ace
  • Randall Boggs(Monster's Inc)-Snake
  • Mr.Waternoose(Monster's Inc)-Big Billy
  • Nuka(The Lion King 2)-Grubber
  • Wart/King Arthur(The Sword in The Stone)-Lil Arturo
  • Cody(The Rescuers Down Under)-Boomer
  • Taran(The Black Cauldron)-Butch
  • Milo Thatch(Atlantis:The Lost Empire)-Brick
  • Narissa(Enchanted)-Sedusa
  • Hopper,Kaa,& Chef Skinner(A Bug's Life,The Jungle Book,& Ratatouille)-The Amoeba Boys
  • Queen of Hearts(Alice in Wonderland)-Princess Morbucks
  • Abis Mal(Aladdin 2)-Roach Coach
  • Dr.Facilier(The Princess and The Frog)-Mr.Mime
  • Shere Khan(The Jungle Book)-Lenny Baxter

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