A few sentences about second life

I haven’t studied before, a programme like second life. It is a different experience for me. However it is look like a different world in a world.. We can see the creativity and production easily in this programme. We have chance that to find everything what we wondered? with fun. we can do everything only one click in second life. It is very excitedly. In this programme the most interesting thing for me flying. When you click to fly, You think that ohh my god!! that is wonderful! I am flying. And it is real. It is very funny to meet new friends in the second life like in a new country like in Portugal But in sl the most excited and interesting thing is you can speak with a person easily why is it very important for me? Because in real life I am very shy. so I can't tell to other person what I think about evrything. and the other one is you can change everything about your phsical property easily I think in sl everybody has a chance to become every shape and by this it shows that we can go our profounduties may be with this we will solve every mystery about our charecter

I am waiting the next lesson impatiently.

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