Making a chair

To make a chair, you first take a box.

then you turn its Z face by 90 degrees towards the ground.

Then you shift drag to make another box above the existing one.

Reduce the width of the upper box to 0.05 m to make the seat

Rduce the X axis width of the lower box. Shift drag it, to make the back rest above the seat. Place it at the edge of the seat.

Turn the lower part by 90 degrees about the vertical axis. Shift drag it to make two legs.

Your chair is ready. Put the textures to make the cushions.

Now you can add this chair in your inventory and use it whenever you want. You can also gift it to others in second life.

One of the amazing thing about it is that all the components of a chair can be made from a single cube. Secondly it is very important to first link all the components together before giving it physical properties. Otherwise teh chair will just fall apart.

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