Ashton Industries

!!Ashton Industries!! Urban prefabs grunge graffiti

Description: train clubs club shop shops homes house skybox sci-fi brick metal rust trash trashed modern corporate clean prefab building buildings clothes jeans furniture dynamic chair post nuclear war roleplay structures trajik

Traffic: 183

Area: 4,096 m2

Location: Bloodline 152, 217, 22 (Mature)

.:-CatniP-:. @ Lame Designs

Description: Neko Gear Neko Boots Cat ears cat tails panda rape jewelry trash industrial grunge garbage

Traffic: 56

Area: 448 m2

Location: Fuzzy 149, 65, 36 (Mature)

0!! Temporal Industries I!!0


Traffic: 1084

Area: 7,616 m2

Location: Semoshi 160, 208, 0 (Mature)

BS 001

[BS] BlindSpot , Wasted CyberPunk Steampunk Gears

Description: CyberPunk, Post Apocalypse, Grunge, SteamPunk, Industrial, Rusty, Vehicle, Robot, Gear, Raver, Neko, Helmet, Urban, Asian

Traffic: 68

Area: 1,536 m2

Location: The Junkyard 157, 172, 73 (mature)

[Wasted]- Clothing, armor, acccesories and jewelry

Description: Wasted, Grunge, Dystopia, Apocalyptic, Fallout, Urban, Horror, Emo, Goth, Dead, Zombeh, Halloween Party, Boots, Arm Bracers, Leg Bracer, Spikes, Silks, swimsuits, catsuits, alter bed jewelry, ninja outfits, camo, cot, shinigami

Traffic: 246

Area: 2,464 m2

Location: Growl 276, 134, 22 (Mature)


Acceuil du"Parc Francophone d'Attractions Gratuites"Les GAULOIS

Description: terrains a vendre , commerces , attractions gratuites, france , francais, french theme park, amusement, camp chair "menhirs" en Gaule, Zingo et Jeux, Zingo and Games

Traffic: 6,391

Area: 58,560 m2

Location: Lutece 181, 126, 26 (PG)

Dystofiopia + MLCN Main Stores

Description: Get yourself styled out! comics movies clothing curse shyguy snifit dystopia grunge industrial radioactive post-apocalyptic nuclear fallout batman punisher spiderman venom zombie vests halloween avatars goth cyber punk watchmen horror scifi bmovie retro

Traffic: 337

Area: 1,024 m2

Location: Boreal 145, 48, 423 (PG)

MARITIMA SHIPYARD Custom Construction & Building +DOCK 23+

Description: shipyard building construction hq freebies help builder industrial neko urban grunge punk, shoulder kitten, explorer, shop, urbex, filmstudio, photo location, furry welcome

Traffic: 75

Area: 2,048 m2

Location: Delchdork 46, 4, 21 (Mature)


Description: Neko Grunge Cyber Urban Clothing Casual Revealing Furniture Menu Driven Skin Lucky chair Freebies Steampunk Cyberpunk Gothic Jewels Man Woman Boots Shoes halloween Christmas Men Women Emo Clubwear

Traffic: 3,513

Area: 65,536 m2

Location: PARADISIS Creations 110, 90, 252 (Mature)

Parkside Industries

Description: Häuser, Houses, Möbel, Furniture, Linden Dollar, L$, telelinden, house, cubic house, commercial buildings, fashion store, prefab, prefabs, loft, lofts

Traffic: 1

Area: 192 m2

Location: Beaulieu 85, 14, 61 (Mature)

Patrox Industries Battle Stadium


Traffic: 0

Area: 512 m2

Location: Durumagi 228, 168, 110 (Mature)

ProDee .:: Main Shop ::.

Description: Male, Mens, Menswear, Alternative, Urban, Grunge, Industrial, Design, Music, Electronic, Party, People, Clothing, Accesories, Outfit, Hats, Piercings, Jackets, T-Shirts, Shirts, TankTops, Outgits, Free, Sales, Lucky Chair

Traffic: 428

Area: 32,656 m2

Location: Max Karibik 193, 60, 252 (Mature)

Pushbutton Industries (Sprawl) Mainstore

Description: sprawl casual hair hat clothing fashion tattoo furniture grunge apocalypse indie alternative rock accessories jewelry books records lego scrabble choker cuff boots shoes builds punk girly tomboy cheap freebies post apocolyptic neko

Traffic: 3,416

Area: 4,320 m2

Location: Bricolage 130, 67, 22 (Mature)

SoLur industries

Description: scripted objects particle wings fog sparkles halo angel color change scripts slippers glasses (SLUR LLC)

Traffic: 6

Area: 1,280 m2

Location: Luminous Island 54, 32, 26 (Mature)

T.O.T.S. Land!!!

Description: Dark Goth Punk Metal Industrial Swamp Rock Band "things outside the skin" (T.O.T.S.)(TOTS) Crazy Clown Live Music & Video Shop

Traffic: 2

Area: 512 m2

Location: Krasnoyarsk 248, 122, 72 (Mature)

TEXTURES Fractal Factory

Description: TEXTURES, tapestry, wallpaper, images, pictures, high quality, Tatami Mats, art, paintings, japanese art, industrial textures, banner textures, antique furniture textures, lens flare texures, sci-fi textures, space textures, floral textur

Traffic: 78

Area: 4,096 m2

Location: Zafiros 18, 226, 22 (PG)

The Ivytower

Description: SLX Terminal, vendorspace for rent, mittelalter, medieval, gothic, club, dance goth, EBM, Industrial, Darkwave, metal, rock, english, dutch, deutsch, german, party, store, shop, female, , neko, eyes, Tattoos, security bot

Traffic: 32

Area: 4,096 m2

Location: Dauntless 65, 28, 22 (Mature)

UIC - Urban Industry Creations

Description: High Quaility Buildings. Industrial Style, Relastic Look. UIC Buildings are used in roleplay areas, combat zones, neko / punk / underground and gothic themed sims. High Quality and Low Prims.

Traffic: 439

Area: 65,536 m2

Location: Hidden Sanctuary 170, 156, 401 (Mature)

Victorian Medieval Gothic Castle Shops Steam Punk Shop Rentals

Description: Steampunk Victorian Gothic Castle Shops for Rent. Prefab Castles, Steam Punk, Gorean, Industrial, Steampunk, Tesla, Grunge, Science, Steam Engine, Aparatus, Devices

Traffic: 88

Area: 1,920 m2

Location: Wickford Village 52, 127, 306 (Mature)

W.S. Land Rental

Description: Rentable shops & Residential places, CM Industrial Club, -Beach Bar, -Pool & -Chillout Lounge (shops, shop, rent, club, dance, music, beach, house, trance, techno, slx, terminal, pool, tiki)

Traffic: 4

Area: 3,088 m2

Location: shark marina 100, 115, 21 (Mature)

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