- ShellShock Industries -

Description: Zero-Tolerance, Ragnarok, Taggers Delight, Trasher, Deformer, Orbiter, Havok4, Scripts, Weapons, Guns, Gadgets

Traffic: 198

Area: 4,080 m2

Location: Dolphins Archipel 42, 92, 24 (Mature)

Electro vilolence 001

!!!ELECTRO VIOLENCE!!! Cyberpunk Roleplay Combat Zone 1

!!!ELECTRO VIOLENCE!!! Cyberpunk Roleplay Combat Zone

Description: Cyber Cyberpunk Combat Roleplay Sci-Fi Steampunk Weapon Melee Guns sword Blades DCS2 CCS Gadget Neko Latex Bondage BDSM HENTAI Manga Cybergoth Black Ops Titan Industries Breach C-Tech EAC War Kill Nuke Damage Sentinel NPV force Minimal

Traffic: 6

Area: 3,488 m2

Location: LUV 56, 31, 447 (Mature)

(TP) Kitheres Industries @ Skin CIty

Description: High quality multi-faceted scifi/fantasy style mens and womens skins, cyborg bodies, eyes. Drow, elven, eyes, exotic, female, male, prim eyes, detailed, avatar, alien, science fiction, hand painted, jewel, colours, colors.

Traffic: 11

Area: 16 m2

Location: Skin City 110, 43, 563 (Mature)

~*AE Industries*~ Prefab Alley!

Description: More Prefabs and places to explore as well as plants, waterfalls, pools, grottos and lots more!

Traffic: 0

Area: 65,536 m2

Location: Nienna ArFeiniel 128, 127, 41 (Mature)

Dragon Keep - Store of awesome :D (No Bits)

Description: Zelda Dragon Video Game Pokemon Tiny Quad Anthro Monster Avatar Kirin Mutation Industries Angleroo Aventity Magican Productions Syn_Squeegee Things Dinosaur Nargus Robot Bebop KatFoo Productions Pixel Plushie RC

Traffic: 1,025

Area: 8,320 m2

Location: Ryder Haven 45, 166, 56 (Mature)

Dreamforge Industries

Description: Welcome to Dreamforge Industries. Carducci guns, Black Ops, The Brand new Cyclone HUD, The epic Punisher hud, The Havok Wreaker, famous smoothmove and the V-scan hud! An official Velocity outlet! Clothing, Sex beds guns tools utilities huds clothing.

Traffic: 77

Area: 59,216 m2

Location: Aria Island 69, 69, 21 (Mature)

Dwell Industries


Traffic: 0

Area: 1,536 m2

Location: Chong 237, 238, 52 (Mature)

I-Industries urban lofts and shops

Description: I-Industries urban prefab lofts and shops : new: Stables ghetto grunge industry brick steel concrete glass graffiti art gallery prefab houses galleries gothic castles shop stores medival castle low prims horse stable country stable riding

Traffic: 12

Area: 512 m2

Location: Chiaksan 180, 187, 78 (Mature)

Isis Industries

Description: Beautiful stores in a beautiful location!

Traffic: 449

Area: 2,048 m2

Location: Angelic 134, 163, 24 (Mature)

Kitheres Industries - Scifi avatars, clothing, skins and more!

Description: Scifi avatars, scifi fantasy skins, clothing, roleplay, hair, accessories, belt, bag, boots, eyes, mutant, delvian, TV, Chiana, Farscape

Traffic: 901

Area: 1,536 m2

Location: Triangulum 212, 145, 26 (Mature)

Kremlor Industries

Description: Linux Engineering, Systems Development and Administration Consulting Services.

Traffic: 1

Area: 384 m2

Location: Athabasca 177, 85, 72 (Mature)

MagoTek Industries - Iceland Branch


Traffic: 90

Area: 4,096 m2

Location: Iceland 223, 223, 23 (Mature)

New Age Industries

Description: "Per Ardua Ad Astra" Air Force One, Boeing 747, Watcom Hecht, planes

Traffic: 0

Area: 2,496 m2

Location: Aracar 23, 54, 72 (PG)

Packaging & Converting Essentials - MetaPartners Estate

Description: Content and information for the graphical, printing, converting, packaging and related equipment industries

Traffic: 26

Area: 36,064 m2

Location: Beethoven 128, 128, 32 (Mature)

R.A.R.E BASH Village Urban Grunge Punk Neko Kitty Fashion Mall

Description: Hazard, Boho, Calypso Giano, Wooosh, Last Therapy, Tomcat, Akeyo, Rebel, Urban Industries Creation, Sindecade, SLCI, Milk Motion, Moloko, Doozie, Juju`s Closet, Acid & Mala Creations, Dirty Lynx, Oralune, Hybrid Productions, Paradox, League

Traffic: 1,040

Area: 65,536 m2

Location: Crystel Village 128, 128, 14 (Mature)

Snook Industries @ The Doctor Who Experience

Description: Doctor Who, Cardiff, Dalek, Time Lord, Gallifrey, Dr Who, SciFi, Tardis Sales,Snook, Roj Snook, Tardis

Traffic: 40

Area: 560 m2

Location: Katrina 198, 241, 27 (Mature)

Strigoiu Technology and Gadgets Store

Description: Union Micro, Hippo Technologies, HPC, Conover, Lava Inside, Temporal Industries, Triple Labs Security System, SR Business Tools, OS Labs, TIM Videos, Apez.find <> Radar Teleporter Rental Vendor Scanner Visitor Elevators Server Club Equipm

Traffic: 0

Area: 1,024 m2

Location: Strigoiu 6, 27, 51 (Mature)

Underwood Industries Inc ( skybox cyber gun bunker factory )

Description: The Wastelands is Second Lifes oldest and largest residential Post Apocalyptic community. If you enjoy your stay, why not live here?

Traffic: 274

Area: 35,840 m2

Location: Fort Stygian 192, 110, 70 (Mature)

Universal industries



Description: Building Demo Site, Come visit for a selection of Condos/Skyscrapers/Towers.  ?

Traffic: 41

Area: 8,192 m2

Location: Endless Despair 82, 239, 32 (Mature)

Vapor 1

Vapor - Grunge, Cyberpunk, Neko, Urban Shopping, Mall

Vapor - Grunge, Cyberpunk, Neko, Urban Shopping, Mall

Description: Sn@tch,Retox,Eko,Worldwide Industries, Crazy Bitches, Naith Smit. Gestures WIngs Latex Shoes Clothes Pants Skirts Bikinis fishnets eyes men's clothes women's clothes DJ headphones boots jeans belts ripped jeans neko tails neko tank tops

Traffic: 290

Area: 2,048 m2

Location: Bloodlines 96, 201, 45 (Mature)

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