Truck final 002


A general purpose hammer for all kinds of nails. A must in every home and vehicle.

Turbo Powered Pick up Truck

TP4000 is the ultimate solution for all terrain utilities. Fitted with a 4000 cc, 280 HP 6 cylinder engine and with Extra Grip TM wheels, it can carry upto 8 Tons of load in mountaneous terrains. It has undergone extensive testing and is designed by Aneesh Aristocrat at the research facilities of Prof. Enias Pessoa, and under his guidance.

Construction Pictures

Truck 001


The chassis was designed first to accomodate the jumbo 4000cc turbo diesel engine TDI4000.

Truck 002


Next the body was designed to accomodate large load capacities.

Truck 003

Almost complete

The full body is almost complete....Just the wheels need to be lifted to get the truck in proper position.

Truck final 001

TPI 4000

The Final TPI 4000

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