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  • Edit menu > Preferences > General > Language > Português (Portuguese) - Beta
  • Welcome Area on Mainland
Inventory > Library > Landmarks > Welcome Area Mainland
Help menu > Tutorial
Add Friend: instructor and colleagues
Inventory > Library > Clothing (Drag folder onto your avatar)
Notecard: Saving your appearance
  • Visit The Epoch Institute
World menu > Set Home to Here
Safe Lab
In the lab, students should not look at anything they wouldn't show to my grandmother. (They can save this stuff for non-lab time if it's really necessary.)
One rule is that if I say they have to leave a particular sim, they are held to that and they have to "teleport home" at that instant. I "walk the lab" constantly during classes, and I am vigilant about what the students are looking at during this time.
  • Welcome Area on Mainland
Central Square: Second Life Answers
How to Report Abuse
Help menu > Report Abuse …
World menu > Teleport Home Ctrl-Shift-H
  • Assignment 1: Meet your instructor and all classmates in world. On a new page (PPI09 Assignment 01 Your SL User Name), submit a report about that experience. Deadline: beginning of next lesson. More details in PPI08 Assignment 01.

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