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  • Ivory Tower Library of Primitives
World menu > Create Landmark Here
Notecard: ITLP Introduction
Module 1
Station 1
Use of the camera
View menu > Camera Controls
Prims as Containers
How do I take pictures or snapshots of things inworld?
  • Snapshots
How to move your camera further and better - Video Tutorial
Advanced > Disable Camera Constraints
Advanced > Limit Select Distance
Debug Settings: ZoomTime
Advanced Snapshot Magic - Video Tutorial
Hold down the Alt, Alt-Ctrl, and Alt-Ctrl-Shift keys while clicking-and-holding your mouse to camscan around a scene
View menu > Camera Controls is another way to fine-tune your shot
Also under the View menu, Ctrl-0 and Ctrl-8 zoom in and out. Ctrl-9 resets
By rotating an object, sitting on it, and going into Mouselook (press M when chatbar is closed), you can take pictures at exciting angles
Ctrl-Alt-D activates the Advanced menu with extra features, so you can take Quiet Snapshots to Disk and Disable Camera Constraints to see further away
Setting up lights to enhance a scene is easy. Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Adv. Graphics tab > Nighttime Brightness will make lights stand out more in the dark
Setting your Fog Distance Ratio to 10
Assorted Tips & Tricks - Video Tutorial
Movement keys can replace Camera Controls
Space Bar can freeze your fall
Make your own personal light
Click actions can make your Second Life a lot easier
FollowCam (most underrated feature EVER?)
  • Ivory Tower Library of Primitives
Module 1
Stations 2 to 12
Module 2
Stations 1 to 11
Module 3
Stations 1 and 2
Module 4
Stations 1 to 9
SL Forums - Building Tips
  • Assignment 2: Build a Chair. On a new page (PPI09 Assignment 02 Your SL User Name), submit a report of that experience. Deadline: beginning of next lesson. More details in: PPI08 Assignment 02.

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