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Copyrights/Trademarks Information
Gestures in Second Life
Getting Money in Second Life
How to Clean Up in Second Life
How to Sit in Second Life
Objects in Second Life
Saving Your Appearance in Second Life
Scripts in Second Life
Shopping in Second Life
demo area
Help Island Freebie Store
Sandbox Area
Mighty Prim Series I.
Calling Cards Subfolders
All: instructor and colleagues
Mighty Prim Series II. (also see before: Ivory Tower Library of Primitives)
Mighty Prim Series III. (also see next: Texture Tutorials)
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Objects in Second Life are built out of basic shapes, called primitives. You can link several primitives (prims) together to create one cohesive object
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the Shelter vator:
Balloon Tour, Changing Room, East Entrance, Game Room, Game Stage, Live Music Venue, Rooftop Gardens and Theater.
Schedule of Classes and Events (NCI/New Citizens Incorporated)
  • Assignment 3: Build tools, equipment, operators, animations, packaged (solid, liquid or gaseous) and unpackaged products. Submit your choices for approval. On a new page (PPI09 Assignment 03 Your SL User Name), submit a report of that experience. Deadline: beginning of next lesson. More details in PPI08 Assignment 03.

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