• Spheres and Domes:
  • Web Interface
Edit menu > Preferences > Web
Use external web browser
Use built-in web browser
When viewing your profile you can enter any URL in your Web tab. You and other residents can visit the URL you specify when viewing your profile.
Help menu > Official Linden Blog > Media Browser Window > Open in My Web Browser
Communicate > Local Chat > (type Web address) > Say > (click on Web address) > Media Browser Window > Open in My Web Browser
Search > People > Find > Search > Web > If the resident has a URL set then:
Load to view the page with the embedded web browser
Open to view the page externally in your default web browser
  • Translators
HUD-Free Language Translation for Second Life
Simbolic Translator
Translation Technologies in Second Life
SLurl: Location-Based Linking in Second Life
Google Translate
Translate Text & Translate a Web Page English » Portuguese (Português)
or Second Life Info: Second Life for Beginners > More... > Second Life for Beginners
New: Knowledge Base Home > Second Life for Beginners > KB2Wiki Pilot
Linden Communication Venues Guide
How do I get some privacy in Second Life?
Alt Account FAQ
  • Volunteer Programs
Second Life Greeters
Portuguese speaking Volunteers
Live Helpers
Second Life Mentors
  • Assignment 7: Develop complex objects and/with scripts, using the 1:1 scale. On a new page (PPI08 Assignment 07 Your SL User Name), build a gallery of your pictures. Deadline: beginning of next lesson. More details in PPI08 Assignment 07.

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