Things that we do well or should keep doing

Post-it Notes

Summary in Bold

Actual comments – normal font

Comments, questions, clarifications, etc.

Why should this be a priority?

Our Team (We are awesome):

o   We have a strong skill set

o   We offer critical services to the ministry

o   We are good at what we do

o   We are working at building strong practice areas

o   We are committed to seeing our clients be successful

o   We are professional

o   We have fun

What skill set are we referring to?

In a very short time I beleive we have proven with our clients and executive that we are good at  what we do, we are committed and we can tell from the demand for our services and how it will continue to grow - high priority

We can learn

o   We attempt at lessons learned

o   We understand out shortcomings

We need work here - do we feel time is getting in our way?


o   Communication

o   Share information

o   Communication opportunities are improving

o   Internal communication from leadership

o   Sharing knowledge

o   Communicating information from leadership team

We heard a couple of years ago how important it is to have open communication 


o   Short weekly meetings

o   Extended team meetings

Conitnue it it is working

Flexible environment to work at your best

Planning resources

Things we could improve on:

Post-it Notes

Summary in Bold

Actual comments – normal font

Comments, questions, clarifications, etc.

Why should this be a priority?


o   We need to be more proactive

o   Proactive not reactive

We need to communicate to the leaders that the proactive approach does not always work and sometimes killing us


o   Communicating between practice areas when working together

o   Discussing integration between service areas

o   Integration with division project execution methods

o   We need to work on understanding roles

This should be a very high priority it we see this and our clients see this we need to be open and trust each other as a team

Awareness/buy in from clients

o   Have more buy in from the top using our services

o   Work with ministry to increase awareness of practice areas and the detailed services we provide

o   Training/improving division project execution methods

This could naturally become a priority if the PSO moves into the Corporate model.  

Better use of lessons learned from a PSO perspective moving forward

Keep the big picture in mind

Be a stronger team

Too many meetings

Team lunch

Planning resources time/% on projects

Celebrate our successes



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