PWNGEPedia- How to DESTROY people at video games

Multiplayer Super Smah Bros.- A LOT of tips. If you want to unlock every one, play a lot of battles. For Brawl, play 1200 battles. Melee- 1600. The orignal- Well, you can't enough very many people. Just two. Use Fox, he's the best. Play at Corneria. Everybody has a favorite.

Multiplayer Mario Kart (Any game)- Well, you unlock 'em by playing GPs, most of the time. In the Wii version, I use Funky Kong in the Flame Runner. If you just got the game, use Yoshi in the Normal Bike M. Well 'Indrift' and 'Outdrift'. Outdrift drifts you out, indrift in. Easy as pie. (Yum.)

Well, whoever is in charge of scratchpad wikia, uh.......well.........I'm kinda in a rush or a hurry or whatever and please, I know a TON about video games and you can trust me.

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