Pabst cup

EHL's most prestigious trophy awarded to the playoff winning team.

To see playoff MVP's for each season refer to the Sickles Gold Medal section.

Pabst Cup Winners

Season 15 - Cup Champions - New York Conquerors

Runner-Up Chicago Demons

Season 14 - Cup Champions - Edmonton Bigfoots

Runner-Up Minneapolis 58ers

Season 13 - Cup Champions - Dallas Rebels

Runner-Up Salt Lake City Salties

Season 12 - Cup Champions - Winnipeg Blades

Runner-Up Chicago Demons

Season 11 - Cup Champions - Buffalo Bullets

Runner-Up Minneapolis 58ers

Season 10 - Cup Champions - Halifax Lemmings

Runner-Up Minneapolis 58ers

Season 9 - Cup Champions - Ottawa Counts

Runner-Up Detroit Beasts

Season 8 - Cup Champions - Ottawa Counts

Runner-Up Minneapolis 58ers

Season 7 - Cup Champions - Quebec Snowballs

Runner-Up Minneapolis 58ers

Season 6 - Cup Champions - Seattle Rhinos

Runner-Up Quebec Snowballs

Season 5 - Cup Champions - Detroit Beasts

Runner-Up Los Angeles Offsides

Season 4 - Cup Champions - St-Louis Majors

Runner-Up Seattle Rhinos

Season 3 - Cup Champions - Toronto Astongs

Runner-Up Boston Madcats

Season 2 - Cup Champions - Boston Madcats

Runner-Up Seattle Rhinos

Season 1 - Cup Champions - Seattle Rhinos

Runner-Up Boston Madcats

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